The Money Pit

Published April 15, 2012

The Money Pit

Film info

  • Title The Money Pit
  • Director Richard Benjamin
  • Year 1986
  • Run time 1hr 31m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline For everyone who's ever been deeply in love or deeply in debt

Walter and Anna believe they’ve arrived 'home sweet home' when they buy the house of their dreams. But life quickly becomes a nightmare as their dilapidated mansion falls apart around them, and they struggle to stay together even as they slide further into The Money Pit. It’s outrageous entertainment for anyone who’s ever been deeply in love… or deeply in debt… or both!

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1:18 “He has a problem because he has a father like me.”
2:58 I didn’t realise this was Steven Spielberg. Should have known, really.
4:19 Hanks sounds like he has a cold.
6:44 “Jack’s a perfectly legitimate real estate agent.” That bodes well.
8:38 I wonder if she really plays the violin, she’s in time with the other guy.
10:26 He’s running on a track, I am so jealous. I want a track.
12:31 “Begin again fresh, but at the same time older and wiser.”
14:46 What is his actual job? Something in the music industry, I get that much.
18:41 It definitely seems too good to be true.
21:01 It’s like the Justin Bieber of the day.
22:37 It’s a ridiculous first-time buy, how could you possibly know how to look after a house like that?
23:55 I’m always saying the bed tries to hold me down, but in her case, it is actually true.
27:57 I love the concept of running to stairs and them not being there
32:12 That is an enormous turkey for just two people… and why would you attempt a massive roast dinner whilst you’re still remodeling your house??
36:55 Drinking and driving, eh?
38:16 This bath bit is the only section of the film I remember.
39:41 Before that TV blew up, I think it had Julie & Julia on it!
42:52 “He bought a house… and it killed him.”
49:51 Lighting a match to read paperwork never seems like a good idea to me.
53:17 “You testing missiles here or what?”
56:36 I love that they are at the stage where nothing surprises them anymore. Yes, the chimney fell down, what of it?
58:31 This is like the worst episode of Grand Designs ever.
1:00:56 He’s a lawyer. Weird that he saved that boy a load of money, wouldn’t that be an accountant?
1:05:02 “You look a little tense, your shoulders are over your ears.”
1:08:53 Already, he is suspicious. How can he tell?
1:12:17 I don’t think you can get away with saying apparently when you are confessing to adultery.
1:14:33 Domestic difficulties is one word for it.
1:20:10 “He couldn’t forgive me and I can’t forgive him for that.”
1:25:38 Great place for a wedding. They could charge.


I love this film. Mr C and I finally got our systems sorted out so that we can enjoy the selection of HD movies available via Netflix as well as the iTunes store. The Money Pit was our first choice, and both of us remember it fondly without particularly remembering the specifics… except for the bath scene, of course.

It was just as good as we remembered. Funny, a heartfelt little romantic comedy, with plenty of slapstick laughs in there too. The bath scene really is as good as expected, although I managed to mould two scenes together in my mind. I had him in the bath trundling down the garden, which would be weird because I’ve never seen a bath with wheels as yet. Great movie, love it.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: 5 / 5

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