The Italian Job

Published August 11, 2013

The Italian Job

Film info

  • Title The Italian Job
  • Director Peter Collinson
  • Year 1969
  • Run time 1hr 39m
  • Genres Action, Thriller, Comedy, Crime
  • Tagline Introducing the plans for a new business venture

A spectacular robbery of gold bullion in Turin is masterminded by an older gentleman from a British prison where he is lord of all he surveys.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:00 Those are some Top Gear roads right there.
5:00 Look at Michael Caine, so sprightly, so youthful!
5:00 What kind of prison serves meals four times a day?
10:00 So he has a suit and a car, now it must be time to get back into trouble.
14:00 Hitching a ride on a milk float! That’s the kind of thing Marty McFly would do.
16:00 Ooh, computer program on a roll of film. Retro.
17:00 How rich do you have to be to have someone pick up and pass you the phone sitting right next to you?
18:00 She put the phone down for him too. Quite the job description.
21:00 This Charlie Croker talks to himself a lot.
29:00 The lady likes to put pink bows on her cats. Just sayin'.
32:00 Bill Bailey is part of the gang!
34:00 “The only way to get through it is we all work together as a team. And that means you do everything I say.”
36:00 Yay doors!
43:00 There are the minis. This is an actual Mini adventure.
52:00 Got to love the old computers. So big, so unwieldy, but without them where would we be?
1:07:00 This is a ridiculous traffic jam. I would just get out and walk!
1:17:00 These Minis really are quite cool, whizzing about all over the place, tail-happy because of the gold in the boot. I want one!
1:30:00 I’m super impressed with their getting cars onto the bus antics.
1:31:00 Not so impressed with pushing the cars over a cliff.
1:36:00 Well, this is Mission Impossible tense.


We watched this as part of the Sidepodfilmclub, so commenting along with lots of others as we all enjoyed the film together. I wrote these notes in the Factbyte Factbox, so they may be less specific than normal and the timings are by the minute not the second. Hadn’t seen the film, and didn’t really know what it was about, other than doors and Minis.

Considering what a classic and well-loved film this is, I was a bit disappointed. It certainly was good once the job actually started, and the Minis starting careering about all over the place. But it was quite slow to begin, and Charlie didn’t seem all that nice a character really, I wasn’t completely sure I wanted him to succeed.

Although then of course, with the literal cliffhanger, we don’t know for sure that he did!

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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