The Internship

Published November 23, 2013

The Internship

Film info

  • Title The Internship
  • Director Shawn Levy
  • Year 2013
  • Run time 1hr 59m
  • Genre Comedy
  • Tagline Hiring them was a brilliant mistake

In an attempt to reboot their obsolete careers, old-school salesmen Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell talk their way into the prestigious internship program at Google’s state-of-the-art campus — where the competition is as intense as it is hilarious!

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:27 I want a Get Psyched playlist. I need to make playlists!
5:22 “I’m doing really well right now, and you guys are not.”
5:55 I just bought a watch.
8:57 This worries me, because we talk about going to Barcelona and haven’t yet been.
13:42 He’s using google as a search engine. It’d be foreshadowing if it wasn’t so obvious.
14:19 You can’t google Google!
19:02 “Make reasonable choices.”
23:44 I do not enjoy the crazy questions that Google are supposed to do in their interviews.
26:47 Driverless car just passing by. No biggie.
30:04 Nickolodean is a great nickname for someone called Nick.
41:38 “I’m loving this friction, cos that’s how you get a fire started.”
45:51 I like the clear white boards.
52:10 I don’t get how you can play Quidditch on the ground?
57:44 You’d hope that Google takes notice of how the things are won as well as the end result.
59:10 Those nap booth things are incredible.
1:02:45 “Perimeter breach acknowledged.”
1:10:13 If my first ever taste of alcohol was a shot, I’m not sure I’d have had a second!
1:19:07 “The price of making memories.”
1:24:31 Google have a helpline???
1:35:29 Ugh, that must be an awful feeling.
1:36:20 Everything on campus is so brightly coloured. No wonder they need nap booths for a bit of peace and quiet.
1:48:21 “Everybody’s searching for something,” has to have been a line demanded by Google.
1:52:56 “Just weird enough to make them interesting.”


Clearly, we were always going to watch this. A film about Google? It’d be our duty. But I was skeptical going into it, was it really just going to be one big advert for the search giant who don’t really need any more users?

As soon as the film was over, Mr C and I turned to each other and shuddered. It really does make you feel dirty for having watched it.

That’s a real shame, too, because there’s quite a lot of good in there. There’s a great story bubbling under all the primary colours - fish out of water salesmen, adapting to the changing technologies, connecting with younger generations, and helping them find themselves in a very difficult environment. When they were stood on the hill, looking out over the bay, I thought, that’s a really nice moment.

Then they went back to Google and the peace was shattered.

I don’t know the setup regarding cash, they say that Google didn’t pay for the film and only asked for a bit of say over some scenes. Regardless, it comes across as a big advert for working at the firm, and how cool and hip they are. The end credits in particular were disgusting.

Then again, would it work if it was just two guys being interned at unnamed tech company? Probably not.

**Rating: **2/5

Rating: 2 / 5

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