The Cutting Edge

Published August 11, 2018

The Cutting Edge

Film info

  • Title The Cutting Edge
  • Director Paul Michael Glaser
  • Year 1992
  • Run time 1hr 41m
  • Genres Drama, Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline The ultimate love/skate relationship

She's a wealthy pairs figure skater whose elitist attitude has her competing solo. He's a no-nonsense hockey champion whose latest injury may have cost him his career. Individually, their Olympic hopes are fading. But together, Kate Moseley and Doug Dorsey will have an opportunity to make their dreams come true... that is, if they can only figure out how to get along. Olympic gold and an unlikely romance are at stake when two skaters from two different planets unite to take on the world.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:03 Nein alarm.
3:20 Hold the phone, that’s John Locke! OMG!
4:34 Oof, ice hockey is soooo scary.
7:38 That’s a bad day in the office for both of them.
12:09 “You should be making her single skater.”
15:04 That’s a house and a half.
17:53 I LOVE the Russian coach. “Introduction is over, conversation finished.”
21:31 “Sudden changes tend to bring out her… colour.” Is that what you call it.
25:47 Toepick montage.
30:03 “It’s not like his nose was perfect.”
32:27 You’d have to pay me a lot of money to dunk my face in my dinner.
42:11 I need to go to more New Year’s Eve kissy kissy parties.
46:45 Finger painting?
53:08 If she was wearing that ring the whole time, how did no one notice?
55:39 “He’s gonna make you cry he’s so good.”
1:03:45 Assuming those are real commentators. For whatever reason, you can’t fake commentary.
1:07:12 He’s right. As we learned from I, Tonya, the scoring is bull.
1:08:05 “I’m not sure, it looked like she got caught in his lederhosen.”
1:08:21 “Parlez-vous Olympics.”
1:10:24 Her coat! Hope it’s not fur because it looks so snuggly!
1:10:44 “Please don’t think. That’s what I like about the way I feel. I feel like even if I tried to think I couldn’t, And I think too much and I think so long, and it’s so tiring.”
1:19:23 Halfway is bullshit.
1:29:00 Eeek, I never realised how much I identify with her, and she’s supposed to be the bitch.
1:39:00 The music credits on this are gonna be amaze.


I LOVE this film. It’s not a particularly groundbreaking rom-com but it’s one that I watched over and over when I was younger. I haven’t seen it for ages though, being unable to find it digitally available. Suddenly, we stumbled across the MGM channel add-on for Prime Video and lo and behold, there it was.

Once we got over the fact that John Locke was in it (I’m lying, will never get over that), and that I must have known who he was before we ever started watching LOST, I got lost in the story again. I think the beginning suffers a little from being insanely obvious what’s going to happen but taking a while to get there, but things pick up with the training montages and the twists and turns of what happens on tour (stays on tour).

The music is great, I love the story, and actually the film stands up better than I thought it might. You know that thing where you love something so much you don’t actually know if it’s any good or not… It’s getting a top score from me because I adore it, but in reality, it’s probably worth a strong 3, maybe a 4.

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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