The Cannonball Run

Published April 15, 2023

The Cannonball Run

Film info

  • Title The Cannonball Run
  • Director Hal Needham
  • Year 1981
  • Run time 1hr 35m
  • Genres Action, Comedy
  • Tagline You'll root for them all... but you'll never guess who wins

A classic comedy with big name stars and lots of cool cars! Based on a true race event, Burt Reynolds leads an all star cast in this ultimate quest to win The Cannonball Run. A bunch of people in souped-up cars, some disguised, vie for the title of 'winner' and they'll do anything to get it.

Live blog

Time Comment
5:29 “Hamsters are a big responsibility.”
10:02 Landing the plane in the street is a new one!
11:04 This Roger Moore bit is a too meta for my liking.
21:04 I feel like it would take longer than that to get a car out of a pool, let alone running again.
27:25 Burt Reynolds is reminding me so much of Pedro Pascal.
37:49 I love it when the phonetic alphabet is more confusing than just saying the letters.
41:27 I like the ones who are taking it seriously.


I had heard good things about this but couldn’t get to the end of it! It’s a good cast but was there a joke in there at all? Not sure. ‘Classic comedy’ says the description and I was still waiting for that to start halfway through. Talking of which, for a movie about a race, there’s a lot of talking and not a lot of racing. Boo!

Rating: Unrated

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