The Boss

Published January 10, 2017

The Boss

Film info

  • Title The Boss
  • Director Ben Falcone
  • Year 2016
  • Run time 1hr 39m
  • Genre Comedy
  • Tagline Watch your assets

Melissa McCarthy stars as Michelle Darnell, a titan of industry who is sent to prison for insider trading. After doing her time, Michelle emerges, ready to rebrand herself as America's latest sweetheart, but not everyone she steamrolled is so quick to forgive and forget. With nowhere to go and no one to scam, Michelle is forced to move in with former assistant Claire and her young daughter, Rachel. Now at her lowest point, Michelle wastes no time in devising a winner-­-take-­-all plan to rebuild her empire. Can she reclaim her status as the No. 1 screwer, or will the love of one family screw her for good?

Live blog

Time Comment
2:04 Love this little montage, the music and the cars changing with the times.
3:14 Worst rapping ever.
5:50 Wow, more scary than inspirational, I’d say.
7:43 “Who’s on my baseball?’
12:22 Yay for a Hogwarts reference.
15:08 “Look at me, fighting for my life in the yard.”
19:03 White collar crime so does count.
24:16 The stupid sofa bed springs always make me laugh. So childish.
24:56 Dorito flavour: “Not a cheese found in nature.”
32:06 Eek, a generation that doesn’t know what a landline is.
40:04 “Okay, we may have to walk her.”
45:39 Jeez, I’d buy them if she said that.
47:12 “When the houses are nice, we double the price.”
51:58 Benedict Cumberbatch!
58:24 You never can tell if those smokers are coming back.
1:05:24 The kid is cute. “That’s impersonal."
1:15:17 Haha, she’s in the closet!
1:20:33 “What?? I know it was wrong, I self-corrected.”
1:32:11 Choooon!


Wasn’t expecting much from this one, but it was far better than I’d anticipated. Many of the reviews I’ve seen trash the film, and I can’t really see why. I was worried it would be a stupid comedy, but aside from the sofa bed flipping people around (always funny) and one fall down the stairs, it really wasn’t that. It actually had heart.

It was weird, don’t get me wrong. The bit with the teeth whitening was an odd way to start, the slowed down street fight was bizarre, and the bad guy’s Samurai obsession felt a bit forced. But the odd bits made it nice and quirky, there were laugh out loud moments, and a story you could actually get invested in. Not groundbreaking, perhaps, but certainly an enjoyable and very watchable comedy.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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