The Bodyguard

Published March 17, 2014

The Bodyguard

Film info

  • Title The Bodyguard
  • Director Mick Jackson
  • Year 1992
  • Run time 2hrs 9m
  • Genres Thriller, Action, Drama, Romance, Music
  • Tagline Never let her out of your sight, never let your guard down, never fall in love

This box office blockbuster stars Academy Award-winner Kevin Costner and Grammy Award-winner Whitney Houston in a romantic suspense thriller about an ex-secret service agent-turned-professional-bodyguard, who never leaves anything up to chance, until he meets a pop superstar-turned-actress whose fabulous career takes a life threatening turn when she becomes the target of an obsessive fan.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:19 “I’m no good in a permanent position, my feet go to sleep.”
6:56 Nice place she’s got there. But then I am always converted by a swimming pool.
14:05 “Not on my shift.”
19:46 Defensive driver training in a limo. Awesomeness.
26:28 Blender always useful to stop a conversation.
26:47 What’s wrong with a Tuesday morning brunch? Surely weekdays don’t mean anything to celebrities.
28:28 He’s like a bodyguard Yoda or something.
28:53 Although, I do like the tactic of answering everything with “That’s right.”
31:23 This is a man who gives high-tech functional jewellery. Love him.
35:05 The Showbiz Gameface always staggers me.
42:21 Tony has some pig-headed resilience. I’d have given up after the first beating.
46:34 How can anyone see one movie 62 times? I’m not sure I’m even halfway there with BTTF.
47:51 “I don’t trust discipline. I know at that crucial moment I’d cop out.
55:09 Hope that wasn’t her favourite scarf.
1:02:06 I love that transition. From full stage performance, to piano acoustic in the bar.
1:06:15 Don’t understand why Tony hasn’t left yet.
1:10:44 Dude likes fighting in the kitchen.
1:14:27 “You cross me up this time, Rachel, I swear I’ll kill you myself.” Worst bodyguard ever.
1:19:34 A three year chess game is the polar opposite of speed sporting.
1:31:46 I so don’t remember this bit. I remember the boat, and then the end. What is all this?
1:42:09 “The teleprompter is straight ahead, and we pray, working perfectly.”
1:50:47 Goooo Tony. That’s why he stuck around.
1:53:14 “Go to commercial!”
1:57:26 It’s sweet and all, but I wouldn’t forgive her for repeatedly calling me a maniac.


I’ve loved this film for a long time, although when we rewatched it this time, there was a whole section (up in the cabin) that I didn’t remember at all. Interestingly, there were things I thought happened that didn’t, and things I didn’t think happened that did.

I’m wondering if when I used to watch films, I wouldn’t be paying attention, catch only quick scenes, and fill in the rest with whatever I thought happened. Weird.

Either way, I don’t usually like romantic films at all, so there must be something about this one.

It’s always a worry when you rewatch something after a while that it won’t be as good, but thankfully this one stood up to the test. I think I like it because he’s so closed off and monosyllabic, and it’s like breaking through a brick wall.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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