The Big Sleep

Published September 1, 2023

The Big Sleep

Film info

  • Title The Big Sleep
  • Director Howard Hanks
  • Year 1946
  • Run time 1hr 44m
  • Genres Mystery, Romance, Crime
  • Tagline The picture they were born for!

When private investigator Philip Marlowe accepts the blackmail case of one of Los Angeles' wealthiest men, his probe leads deep into a web of lies, drugs, pornography and murder woven around his client's two beautiful daughters. But Marlowe's most startling discovery is his inexorable attraction to one of the sisters.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:54 How can you ’try to be’ tall?
13:09 I am very suspicious of the butler. The butler did it, right?
16:21 “You begin to interest me, vaguely.” Old school chat up lines are the best.
26:26 I can see the chemistry building already, makes sense they became a power couple.
33:59 Why bother with the picture if you also have something else on the sister?
39:18 This guy flirts with anything that moves.


This is, apparently, a huge classic of the Bogie and Bacall era, but I found it such hard work. A lot of people were introduced very quickly and the plot got convoluted quite quickly. Maybe it’s a reflection on me rather than the film, and that’s fine, I just didn’t have the patience to get fully invested.

Rating: Unrated

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