That Awkward Moment

Published July 14, 2014

That Awkward Moment

Film info

  • Title That Awkward Moment
  • Director Tom Gormican
  • Year 2014
  • Run time 1hr 34m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline When you realise getting some means wanting more

A hilarious comedy about just how complicated playing the dating game can really be. When Mikey is dumped by his wife, his best friends Jason and Daniel make a pact to remain single with him until he gets back into the whirlwind of the New York dating game. But when Jason meets Ellie and Daniel's friendship with Chelsea turns into something more, the guys realised that the line between casual dating and a serious relationship is more difficult than they thought.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:19 Zac Efron’s intro voiceover sounds just like Bradley Cooper.
8:10 “What are you, Bridget Jones?”
13:08 He really was just offering to buy her a drink. Terrifying.
17:23 See, those Facebook relationship statuses are god-awful.
19:58 a) what are the chances of that happening and b) you can’t write stuff like that down!
21:16 Hooker signs!
25:32 “And people come?” “No.”
28:56 Love that those two keep setting each other up with respective dates.
33:34 Apologising for “anything I said, am saying or might say in the future.”
38:58 The pros and cons of being married to a doctor!
44:37 I like the shark pillow where his head is going inside the mouth.
49:20 It’s quite fun how they finish each other’s sentences. Gooood friends.
54:28 Eek, worst meet the parents ever.
1:02:18 “His best man… friend.”
1:06:14 The trouble is, now they’re going to row and one will storm out and there’ll be a whole turkey left behind.
1:15:16 “Being there for someone when they need you, that’s all relationships are.”
1:22:24 Facebook stalker.
1:30:05 So…


I was a bit apprehensive about this one, it seemed like a cynical attempt to cash in on the success of Bridesmaids, only with men. Although Bridesmaids was essentially The Hangover but for girls, so we could keep on going round in circles forever.

It was actually better than I was expecting, although not the best film ever. The stories were good, although as a girl not always that easy to relate to. The conversations were fun, and the acting mostly good. I thought it tried a bit too hard to do the “natural dialogue” thing, and it ended up feeling a bit uncomfortable at times - particularly between Chelsea and the guy.

It really did put me off when I realised that Zac Efron in this film sounded just like Bradders but looked suspiciously like Robin Thicke. That’s not a combination I want. Anyway, overall, the film was watchable and entertaining enough but not all that special.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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