Teen Wolf

Published August 18, 2018

Teen Wolf

Film info

  • Title Teen Wolf
  • Director Rod Daniel
  • Year 1985
  • Run time 1hr 31m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
  • Tagline He always wanted to be special... but he never expected this

Just an average sort of guy in an average sort of town, Scott Howard's greatest wish is to be special. He daydreams all the time about scoring - on the basketball court, in class and most of all, with girls! It all starts quite simply. A few itches around the ears, an unintentional snarl or two, a hair finger! Then suddenly he's the coolest, most unbeatable basketball player around - and the girls love him!

Live blog

Time Comment
1:02 They haven’t put a lot of effort into their font selection.
3:42 “There’s a lot to learn from losing,” says the winning team.
7:07 Must be hard for teachers, want to be open to student problems but also dreading them.
9:33 Is her name Boof?
13:01 I like it when surely is pronounced “showly”.
19:36 A keg is a lot of beer! I never really thought about it before.
22:52 Urban surfing.
24:08 Pamela’s a total bitch, what does he even see in her?
28:28 This is a terrifying party.
32:50 “It didn’t pass me by. It landed. On my face.”
34:27 Ooh, the Spider-man quote!
37:53 He spends a lot of this film being sweaty.
38:40 The slip-sliding on the floor is hilarious!
39:50 Slacker!
42:22 He’s already nicknamed him TW, after about thirty seconds.
50:19 Amazing that they stop caring just because he was good at b-ball. Dude is a WOLF.
59:11 Wolf rage.
1:07:42 “Tickle my paws.” That’s what they called it in the 80s.
1:16:09 Is she the only person in the play? She’s the only one we’ve seen.
1:23:45 He’s such a scrappy little thing. Amazing.
1:30:40 Teen Wolf Basketball Double is an excellent credit.


It occurred to me that big a fan as I am of Michael J Fox, I actually hadn’t seen a lot of his early stuff other than Back to the Future. I’ve seen him in more recent things but old school movies, I’ve got some work to do. So, Teen Wolf was first up and I read that Michael J wasn’t so fussed about the whole thing and wanted to move on to bigger and better things than a “werewolf” movie.

Actually, whilst it’s not a hugely influential and earth-shaking movie, I do think it’s more interesting than just a random werewolf movie. Obviously the wolfy thing is what makes the change, but I think it’s more about navigating the teenage high school life - how to deal with desperately wanting to be noticed but then not really being able to deal with the situation when something happens that makes you noticeable.

It’s a bit deeper than just a werewolf movie… although there are still plenty of dodgy hairy costumes and weird yellow nails. It’s still a lot of fun, great characters and laugh out loud moments, plus she really is called Boof and the friend Stiles is a legend.

Rating: 3/5.

Rating: 3 / 5

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