Superman Returns

Published July 17, 2010

Superman Returns

Film info

  • Title Superman Returns
  • Director Bryan Singer
  • Year 2006
  • Run time 2hrs 32m
  • Genres Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
  • Tagline On June 30 2006, look up in the sky!

After eliminating General Zod and the other Kryptonian arch-villains, Ursa and Non, Superman leaves Earth to search for his former home planet, Krypton. When he arrives he finds nothing but remnants and returns to Earth. Upon his return, he finds a Metropolis that doesn't need him anymore. Lois Lane is engaged to a relative of his boss, and to make matters worse, his arch-nemesis Lex Luthor has contrived a plot to build a continent using the crystals of Krypton that will wipe out most of North America. Superman must again race against time to stop the psychopathic Luthor before it's too late.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:00 That’s a lot of reading.
4:17 Long credits. The Superman music is good though.
7:24 I would scream if someone threw their hair at me too.
8:43 Oh no! Whatever it is has ruined the Scrabble game.
13:21 Big ol’ CG budget on this film.
19:48 - Poor doggy. That’s a long way to go.
22:11 He looks JUST like him. Spooky.
26:15 I want a model railway like that.
29:39 Gosh. Epic blackout.
30:23 Why are there people on the plane with the shuttle? That’s just weird.
31:06 They would abort the launch, surely? NASA abort launches if they spot a wasp nearby.
32:41 Ah, at least they tried to abort.
34:37 How has Lois Lane managed to stay alive for five years without Superman?
37:56 She would be so dead. If they went in to orbit, they couldn’t possibly breathe, could they?
39:53 Ooh, I like the ripple. That is awesome.
40:57 I get the feeling he might have been chosen for his looks rather than acting ability.
50:35 Pervert. Peeping through people’s walls.
53:04 God, I wish I could fly. Commuting would be a breeze. Literally.
56:50 That’s kinda gross but I like his smug look.
1:01:45 “Oh my god” is the same in German as English.
1:04:56 The kid can tell! Adults are useless.
1:11:56 Oh, lovey dovey stuff.
1:17:13 That Daily Planet ball thing must cost a fortune - constantly lit and constantly turning.
1:21:30 Why is there always a kid to get in the way of things?
1:26:07 Kitty is funny. I bet she does the right thing in the end.
1:31:22 It’s all gone a bit Tom Hanks.
1:38:22 How convenient to be engaged to a pilot with a sea-plane.
1:41:46 He really needs to stop the root of the problem rather than fixing all the symptoms.
1:47:48 Now it’s all gone a bit Titanic.
2:00:48 She should have let him do the swimming - doesn’t she know he’s an X-Man?
2:09:55 Is he not just creating an asteroid that Bruce Willis will have to blow up later?


We were sort of scrabbling about for something to watch, not really sure what we were in the mood for. Something a bit light-hearted but with action, and this seemed to fit the bill.

Not the best film in the world, let’s be honest. The shuttle bit was the best scene in the whole film. The guy acting as Superman really was hired just for his looks and not acting ability, but the same can be said of everyone involved. Also, we didn’t really follow the beginning of the story - didn’t realise this was a continuation of a film and not necessarily accessible as a standalone.

Rating: 1 / 5

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