Summer Holiday

Published September 6, 2019

Summer Holiday

Film info

  • Title Summer Holiday
  • Director Peter Yates
  • Year 1963
  • Run time 1hr 48m
  • Genres Romance, Music
  • Tagline From the first kiss to the last blush, it's the craziest riot on wheels!

Four London bus mechanics strike up a deal with London Transport. They do up a London bus and drive it around Europe as a hotel. British filmmaker Peter Yates directs singer Cliff Richard in the starring role in this pop music romp. The cast includes the real rock group The Shadows.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:13 Yay, raining on your summer holiday, so true.
3:56 I don’t think Transport for London would lend them a bus these days, but I like it.
4:54 When he asked, they wanted no part of it, but when he sung it, the entire garage was on board.
6:04 It’s a bit like Challenge Anneka.
8:04 Shadow spotting!
16:40 Forgot how kidnappy this song was, but I guess it all works out in the end.
17:35 “Load the bus boys, here we come.”
22:35 That’s like trying to get Mr C out of the pub. Needs more netting.
31:40 “A star must work and work and work.”
38:24 Oldest hitchhiking trick in the book.
42:19 “Tourists can be many things.”
49:12 I do question whether they could rig up a wire in ten minutes.
55:06 “At this speed even I can’t see us.”
57:40 Who took the fishing rod out of the bus to make it lighter? Madness!
1:09:49 Anything for a rhyme but seriously, cowses?
1:18:28 Cliff’s string vest is an interesting look.
1:22:33 How did the men think they were going to feed themselves all week if every time food is mentioned they look to the women to do it?
1:23:49 “Your enemies don’t sing to you, do they?”
1:33:45 Uh oh, the Daily Mail.
1:35:40 “If you’d caught your train, you’d be working now instead of facing a kidnap charge.” I’d say that warrants an apology.
1:43:32 “There are two sides to every question.” Are there? Story, yes, question though?


I’ve watched this one a lot when I was a kid but not so much since then, and when it was recently released on Apple TV, I wanted to snap it up and watch it again. Convincing Mr C to get on board wasn’t easy but eventually I wore him down.

I couldn’t promise him that it was a good film, because in my memories it wasn’t the best, despite the fact that I loved it. But actually, on this latest watch, I was pleasantly surprised. It is a good film. It has some problems in the current climate, and the bit with the mime is always a bit I could do without, but otherwise it’s a fun story with mostly good songs and some cheeky adventures along the way.

We ripped a lot of holes in the plot as we went along, naturally, but that’s part of the fun, and all in all it was a far more enjoyable experience than I, or Mr C, had any right to expect.

Rating: 4 / 5

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