Published September 4, 2011


Film info

  • Title StreetDance
  • Directors Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini
  • Year 2010
  • Run time 1hr 38m
  • Genres Romance, Drama, Music
  • Tagline Get closer to your dream

A clash of cultures occurs when ballet meets street dance as the crew of Breaking Point are thrown into rehearsing with members of a Ballet Academy in order to gain practice space from schoolmistress Helena. Eventually, and despite themselves, the ballet dancers begin to feel a grudging respect for the street dancers spectacular moves, and Breaking Point s leader Carly can t help falling for handsome ballet dancer Tomas. Will the two groups of dancers find a way to work together before the Street Dance Championship finals and the Royal Ballet auditions?

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1:50 Uh oh, already I’m wondering where I recognise that girl from.
2:40 If they think I am going to remember all these names and people… they are very much mistaken.
7:11 It does seem pretty rubbish to walk out weeks before the finals.
10:55 She seems to be trying her hardest, not fair on the others to walk out on her.
13:20 I never really noticed that. Ballet dancers do look bored. Part of the act, I suppose.
18:15 That must be freakishly intimidating, walking through a ballet school. All beautiful, well-poised dancers looking at you.
22:22 “I’m getting my dad to call the board.” Stereotype much?
25:53 I am confused why the teacher thinks this is a good idea, though, it does seem like a disaster.
30:58 Ooh, she has some epic full leg leg-warmers. She might as well be wearing trousers.
33:55 Ugh, food fight.
35:46 That was Andy from Blue Peter. I totally saw the episode where he did the behind the scenes of filming that.
36:17 I don’t see Diversity much but whenever I do, I can’t be the only one that only watches the little kid with crazy hair. The others might as well not be there.
38:36 Is there a language for writing choreography or do people do whatever they want?
42:54 Oh, I wish I had a hairdresser for a friend. That would make life so much easier.
49:38 All it took was a “don’t worry babes” and that Isabelle girl has forgotten all her troubles. Hmm.
53:43 “There’s ballet in the building!”
56:29 I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming. All this film watching and still the twists surprise me.
1:09:59 I can’t see that encouraging her to eat KFC is helpful to anyone.
1:14.42 Then she can convince him to watch them do the Street Dance and use that as their Ballet exam.
1:18:56 How do their hats stay on when they are bouncing around all over the place?
1:25:28 The Apprentice has properly ruined that music.
1:28:24 So… did they win? Did they get into ballet school?


I watched the version known as StreetDance because there’s not so much of the 3D on the iPlayer. I do love a good dance movie, although I know very little about streetdancing, and couldn’t do it if I tried. I wasn’t particularly expecting much of the film, I must admit.

Overall it was good. Towards the end it got a little obvious, but that didn’t really matter. It was more about the dancing, and the overriding theme that you can really do whatever you want instead of being boxed in. I liked the music, although I must say their main dance at the end wasn’t as special as I’d thought it might be. It looked quite chaotic.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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