Shrek 2

Published January 20, 2019

Shrek 2

Film info

  • Title Shrek 2
  • Directors Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon
  • Year 2004
  • Run time 1hr 33m
  • Genres Comedy, Animation, Family, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Tagline Once upon another time...

The cranky beast with a heart of gold returns to the big screen in this sequel to the computer-animated smash hit Shrek. After massive green ogre Shrek and his new bride, Princess Fiona, return from their honeymoon, they receive an invitation to visit Fiona's parents, King Harold and Queen Lillian, who are the monarch of The Land Far, Far Away. However, the king and queen are more than a bit alarmed to discover their new son-in-law is a monster the colour of algae, and that their daughter's little problem with a magical spell gone wrong has turned into a full-time skin condition. Certain this isn't the sort of "happily ever after" they dreamed of for their daughter, King Harald decides to take Shrek out of the picture and return Fiona to her former beauty with the help of Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother, and ogre-slaying feline Puss in Boots.

Live blog

Time Comment
4:00 Good tunes in these films!
6:26 “I will always be here to make sure no one bothers you.”
8:07 I mean, they love her, but they locked her away and stuff.
11:53 Stretch carriage is fun!
14:28 “Let’s go back inside and pretend we’re not home.” In front of a huge parade.
17:04 Imagine having John Cleese and Julie Andrews as your parents! AMAZING.
19:58 And your fairy godmother is Jennifer Saunders. Hashtag best life!
24:38 “Oh, stop being such a drama king.”
31:32 This is what happens when you read people’s diaries. Don’t do it!
35:40 “Don’t feel bad, almost everyone who meets you wants to kill you.”
42:03 The Fairy Godmother has her own version of Oompa Loompas.
48:35 Donkey senses.
56:19 “Someday I will repay you, unless of course I can’t find you or if I forget.”
1:01:57 Unhappy hour.
1:02:53 A potion for every occasion.
1:10:27 They made a Stay Puft!!
1:18:13 Frog Cleese is adorable, I want one.


I think this movie is better than the first one, and it’s nice to have the solid foundation of Fiona and Shrek as a couple (albeit a foundation that is given a test during this story). My brain being a bit fuzzy from illness, I actually found it quite hard to follow the layers of potions on top of potions, but if you just go with it, it’s quite a lot of fun.

Incredible cast, what a line up as King and Queen, as well as the Fairy Godmother, and the tunes in these films are brilliant.

Rating: 3 / 5

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