Shaun of the Dead

Published July 23, 2013

Shaun of the Dead

Film info

  • Title Shaun of the Dead
  • Director Edgar Wright
  • Year 2004
  • Run time 1hr 39m
  • Genres Comedy, Horror
  • Tagline A romantic comedy. With zombies.

There comes a day in every man's life when he has to get off the couch... and kill some zombies. When flesh-eating zombies are on the hunt for a bite to eat, it's up to slacker Shaun and his best pal to save their friends and family from becoming the next entrée. Satisfy your bloodthirsty appetite with the movie that masters of horror and film critics alike are hailing as the funniest and scariest movie of the year.

Live Blog

Time Comment
2:46 Crunching is really tricky when you’re having a conversation.
6:16 Noodle is a good nickname.
9:36 That was like the ruder version of “bear with”.
11:12 Is it weird that I could recognise Bill Nighy from the back of his head?
13:36 Oh my god, it’s so lovely to see them on screen together.
19:28 The thing is, every song is significant when you’re going through something.
25:34 Brilliant time transition there.
26:37 So far, all this is doing is making me think how “ignorant” the human race is of stuff going on around it. And by human race, I mostly mean Shaun.
31:15 “Anything with flashing lights, you know?”
34:18 Don’t throw Dire Straits!
43:11 Harriet Jones and Bill Nighy are quite the couple.
44:43 “We had our jabs before we went to the Isle of Wight.”
49:50 Oooh, exacerbate recall!
51:36 Could there be a worse situation to meet the parents?
54:19 Argh, childlocks.
59:13 He tried to kill it with a swing ball!
1:04:09 A running buffet!
1:12:34 Somehow they have turned this zombie apocalypse situation into a disco.
1:21:20 The Black Books guy isn’t a very nice character in this either.
1:32:49 Well, Trisha is a blast from the past.


I’ve been vaguely aware of this trilogy of films by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, but I don’t know why I’ve never really paid it much attention before. I love Spaced and it’s more of the same, so it’s shame on me for never having seen this. Mr C and I thought we’d want to see the new one, so as we tend to do in these situations, we went back to the beginning. Mr C is not really into the supernatural stuff, we had to have a bit of a conversation about the difference between vampires and zombies, but he was willing to give it a go, and I was looking forward to it.

Really enjoyed it, as I thought I might. The same quirky Spaced style, and a reunion between Jessica and Simon too! I thought the story took a while to get going, although it was fun seeing them in blissful ignorance whilst the world disintegrated around them. I thought it was going to be more parody, but actually this stood up very well in its own right. Plus, there was bonus Chris Martin as a zombie at the end! Genius.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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