Published December 27, 2010


Film info

  • Title Severance
  • Director Christopher Smith
  • Year 2006
  • Run time 1hr 29m
  • Genres Thriller, Comedy, Horror
  • Tagline The company is making cutbacks

Following a boom in military arms sales, the team at Palisade Defence are rewarded with a team-building weekend in the wilds of Eastern Europe. But what begins as a corporate jolly rapidly descends into a deadly nightmare as they are pitched into a terrifying fight for survival against a forgotten army of bloodthirsty maniacs armed with machetes, flame-throwers, machine guns and a thirst for revenge.

Live Blog

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1:05 It’s about time that someone running through a forest went smack into a tree.
4:31 Already, I am wondering why Danny Dyer is even on a coach with these people.
6:23 Hungarian bus driver knows the English for “no smoking” and “Bob Marley.”
6:52 Ugh, they’re going paintballing. Rubbish.
8:40 He’s a very angry bus driver.
10:06 “I’m not walking anywhere.” I like that guy, even though he is clearly supposed to be the annoying one.
11:13 Passport control for bears! Hehehe!
12:34 If ever there was an argument for travelling light and always wearing trainers.
15:22 There is a bear!
17:34 I like that she told the other guy to look after him but has ended up doing it herself anyway.
19:37 Definitely a message for not doing drugs here too.
22:28 They look significant. Prisoner files or something.
23:16 Wow, a whole cheese!
23:50 Who brings lightbulbs on a paintballing trip?
30:06 This is like a modern version of ghost stories around a campfire.
32:57 “Keep digging, we can still see ya.”
37:25 Thunder and rain. Must be about to turn into a horror movie.
40:33 “No rambos.” That can only have been aimed at one person.
44:06 My god, I really hate paintballing.
46:03 That is gross!! But also quite awesome.
51:16 Hehe, brilliant. Just like he said would happen when his head got cut off.
53:48 It is quite stereotypical for the boss to be the useless cowardly type.
56:45 Lightbulbs, and now a hammer and nails as well! Gordon is useful!
58:07 She’s quite lovely really. I suppose she will save the day.
59:37 He said: “I’ll be right back.” Oh no! Hasn’t he seen Scream?
1:03:54 Why would the bad guy let them find him? He’s lost the element of surprise now.
1:08:49 Still, 20 minutes left. Film can’t be over yet.
1:09:38 Oh righto, now it’s not just one bad guy, it’s an all out war.
1:12:52 Ah, the beginning guy running into a tree was actually from the end of the movie.
1:13:37 Don’t tell me, the boss gets to be a bit of a hero in the end.
1:17:17 They look like ninjas.
1:22:16 See, if I was running away from ninjas, and found a scary looking foreign prison camp type place, I wouldn’t go in.
1:25:54 Do they know they are sat on train tracks? It would be quite something to survive all that then get squished by a train.


This was on the iPlayer, and I liked the look of it but was in two minds about watching it. Danny Dyer isn’t exactly a popular chap, but I wasn’t sure whether this should affect how I feel about the film or not - particularly before I’d even seen it. In the end, I gave it a go.

This film had me all confused. It was clearly trying to be a modern take on a slasher film, with a tiny political edge, in the form of it being people from an arms company. However, I couldn’t quite work out where it was pitched. At times it was almost a satire, particularly the head rolling bit, and the leg in a fridge thing. At the same time, although there were some funny lines, it wasn’t exactly a comedy either. I wasn’t sure where to place it and that left me a bit uncomfortable throughout. It was a good story though, and despite some of the obvious stereotypes, it wasn’t annoying in the way some horror films can be.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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