Rumor Has It...

Published April 16, 2021

Rumor Has It...

Film info

  • Title Rumor Has It...
  • Director Rob Reiner
  • Year 2005
  • Run time 1hr 37m
  • Genre Comedy
  • Tagline Based on a true rumor

Jennifer Aniston portrays Sarah Huttinger, whose return home with her fiance convinces her that the sedate, proper, country-club lifestyle of her family isn't for her, and that maybe the Huttinger family isn't even hers. Join Sarah as she uncovers secrets that suggest the Huttingers are neither sedate nor proper. The story is rumor. The laughs are real!

Live blog

Time Comment
4:17 “I’m not afraid of flying, I love to fly. It’s crashing that I hate.”
6:44 The mirror is not helpful in this situation.
11:20 Mr C also playing the tunnels game. Men.
14:03 There’s a lot of decisions in weddings, not fun.
18:05 Oh yea, grandma is the actual best.
18:17 “That’s what happens when you give people everything they want and leave them alone for a hundred years.”
21:29 Trying to unravel this is like the Inception of rom-coms.
27:40 She drives like Dustin anyway.
30:10 “You don’t talk.” YES, she’s so her.
34:59 Come on Jen, you want Costner to be your bodyguard not your dad.
37:48 It’s blowing my mind that Kevin Costner and Jennifer Aniston are in this movie together.
51:22 Dude has monogrammed pillows.
56:33 He can’t have… slept with three generations? Okay, I need to think about that.
1:08:13 OMG, Ruffalo or Costner, how to choose?
1:09:55 A pot of bourbon, yep.
1:14:34 I don’t even understand what’s happened with this chick.
1:17:53 At this point he’s dropped her for x2 newer models.
1:28:20 I am so confused right now.


I don’t understand what this film is. It’s supposed to be a comedy, I think, but it’s not at all funny. It’s not a rom-com because it’s a bit too creepy for that. And it’s not a drama because pretty much nothing happens. It’s so dull! I don’t understand how such a great cast can make something so boring.

Genuinely the only good thing about this film is that it made us watch The Graduate.

Rating: 1 / 5

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