Resort to Love

Published August 24, 2021

Resort to Love

Film info

  • Title Resort to Love
  • Director Steven K. Tsuchida
  • Year 2021
  • Run time 1hr 41m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline Paradise is about to get complicated

Reeling from a broken heart and career meltdown, a singer takes a gig at a swanky island resort - where her ex-fiancé happens to be getting married.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:06 “We’re just making lemonade out of relationship drama lemons.
5:42 What is a ricemaker and how is it different to a saucepan?
7:24 “Red wine is full of anti-oxidents so it’s practically like a smoothie.”
8:02 Who describes where things are in relation to Madagascar?
10:27 Turtle-wrangler!
13:19 Is she going to go full rage Wedding Singer.
21:45 This guy is chiselled out of stone or something, those are some abs.
29:53 “There’s an echo in here so… I heard it. Twice.”
37:36 Okie-smokie.
49:10 I am slightly in love with Barrington who does ALL the jobs.
50:56 You’ve got to be so brave to pick Nicki Minaj at karaoke!
58:50 I feel like the rice cooker is key to this whole movie.
1:05:27 4 hours sleep? No way.
1:07:02 His desperate pleas for his mum to stop, adorable.
1:09:55 Bodyguard reference! Winner.
1:16:02 They’ve put Netflix & Chill into a Netflix movie!
1:26:07 Janelle is a terrifying tank.


After a particularly bad day, all I wanted was some trashy pictures to watch on TV and where better to look for some trashy popcorn movie than Netflix? This popped up as recommended for me and so there was no excuse but to dive right in. The first ten or fifteen minutes weren’t promising, although the friend was quite a lot of fun. Nothing about it was unpredictable or surprising (except how amazing Christina Milian looks?) and it came to a hugely expected and clichéd ending.

But so what? Gradually as you spend time with the characters they grow on you a little bit. Once Erica was in paradise, the film-making seemed a little bit better and more at ease with itself. The comedy ramped up a bit, although it’s definitely more rom than com. And the songs are fun. It was the perfect movie for the mood I was in, albeit nowhere near a perfect movie in itself!

Rating: 2 / 5

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