Pretty in Pink

Published June 19, 2021

Pretty in Pink

Film info

  • Title Pretty in Pink
  • Director Howard Deutch
  • Year 1986
  • Run time 1hr 37m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline The laughter. The lovers. The friends. The fights. The talk. The hurt. The jealousy. The passion. The pressure. The real world.

Andie is a high school girl from the other side of town. Blane's the wealthy heartthrob who asks her to the prom. But as fast as their romance builds, it's threatened by the painful reality of peer pressure.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:10 What the hell is that machine driving down the road? Please tell me it comes back, I need to know.
4:27 I love volcanic as a description for something.
9:29 You can’t aim staple guns at people. Not even back then.
16:29 This has taken a distinct WarGames turn.
22:59 Oh my god, Duckie needs to calm it down.
29:08 “Whether or not you face the future, it happens.”
31:58 Smoking in the gym is really bad.
37:09 Sliding through a shop door is an entrance!
38:43 Yea, toosh is not going to catch on.
46:49 It boggles my mind when people have bedrooms big enough to have a sofa in as well.
54:33 This is arguably the worst first date ever.
59:13 One handed wheelie around a corner is actually impressive!
1:05:45 “It’s so insane that someone you’ve never met, never talked to, can be your enemy.”
1:17:07 She’s quite scary when she gets loud.
1:20:11 The bell is a gong!
1:29:33 “Shall we dance?” “Wouldn’t be unheard of.”


This moved up our to-watch list because it was mentioned in the new series of Home Before Dark, and it always pushes our buttons when there are cultural references we don’t get.

So, we hustled to watch it but if I’m honest, I don’t totally get what all the fuss is about. It wasn’t that good a film, none of the characters were that likeable? I mean, Duckie is fun but then also kinda creepy. The only good one in it was Iona, the friend.

Also, I know fashion changes but she took a really nice dress from her friend and made it look awful? I don’t understand.

The soundtrack was the only really redeeming feature of the whole thing!

Rating: 2 / 5

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