Post Grad

Published August 22, 2010

Post Grad

Film info

  • Title Post Grad
  • Director Vicky Jenson
  • Year 2009
  • Run time 1hr 28m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama
  • Tagline A pre-life crisis

A recent graduate is unable to land her dream job and is forced to move back to the San Fernando Valley, home of her oddball family. While having no luck finding a job and being slowly driven crazy by her family, the graduate has a brief fling with an older British neighbour--before realising that her platonic best friend, who is about to move to New York City to attend law school, is her true love.

Live Blog

Time Comment
0:57 Awesome credits. They’ll age fast though.
4:50 She bought Cheetos to the graduation. Best family ever.
6:09 It’s Sue Sylvester!
8:05 If she and Adam don’t get together by the end, I’ll eat my hat.
10:28 They’re running TWO hours behind? I’d leave. No job is worth that.
18:06 Having to cycle to a job interview! Actually, worse, having to cycling back from a job interview!
19:40 She has a Mac.
23:30 Now they have a coffin sitting in their front yard.
26:04 These families have a lot of newspapers lying around.
29:36 Ooh, she upgraded from the bike to a taxi.
34:37 That child is quite annoying.
35:14 “Of course he’s weird… weird indicates a creative force.”
38:28 The dad is awesome.
38:42 Why is it some people say “on accident”?
41:38 We NEED an inflatable sofa.
48:09 Wow, he’s embarrassing to shop with. Singing in public!
51:49 He managed to quit her job for her too! Nice chap.
52:34 Aww, Adam is far too nice.
55:17 How do you make an impromptu fire at the beach? Surely that needs some preparation.
59:10 “He’s not a criminal, he’s a moron!”
1:05:58 She stole an ice cream truck!
1:07:41 He was going to disappear without telling her. That’s mean. Although she was more than mean first.
1:09:04 I still have no idea what her name is. It doesn’t sound like actual words. Can’t wait for the credits.
1:10:10 Is that Lily Allen? Interesting soundtrack.
1:12:19 How has she not got her car back yet? The door fell off, that’s all. He fixed it once already.
1:12:51 Inflatable sofa also used as lilo = NEED!
1:15:22 Is that the coffin?
1:16:21 Slowest racing I’ve ever seen in my life.
1:19:33 He really is a great dad.
1:21:29 In reality, this is the part where he has quit and moved back home and they miss each other in the air.
1:23:48 I have no idea what an RA is.
1:23:58 I WIN!
1:25:07 Rydon Molby. Duh.


Immediately after watching Shutter Island, we wanted to watch something a) nicer b) cleaner c) better. We knew exactly what we were getting with Post Grad, some fluff with some pretty people running around in it - but sometimes that’s just what you need.

I did like that although it was so obvious they were going to get together, it didn’t do the usual chick flick thing of trying so hard to pretend that they won’t. They didn’t hate each other from the start, she wasn’t completely oblivious to his feelings, she just had to work out how she felt. And get a job and sort out her family at the same time. It was exactly as expected, and did the trick perfectly, with a few laughs along the way.

Rating: 3 / 5

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