Police Academy

Published October 20, 2018

Police Academy

Film info

  • Title Police Academy
  • Director Hugh Wilson
  • Year 1984
  • Run time 1hr 36m
  • Genres Comedy, Crime
  • Tagline What an institution!

The film that started it all for the extremely successful sequels, takes a wickedly offbeat look at law, disorder and justice. The Los Angeles Times praises the 'one good belly laugh after another in the raucous tradition of 'Animal House' and 'Porky's'...' Starring Steve Guttenberg, George Gaynes and Golden Globe-nominee Kim Cattrall, this movie will enlist the funny bones of your audience!

Live blog

Time Comment
0:25 Can’t believe how epic this music is!
5:39 “I thought there were no more spaces.”
7:41 Love Jones, he is completely impossible.
10:52 That is baby Kim Cattrall! Amazing.
19:16 Steve G’s denim shorts and crop t-shirt is a look.
27:52 Like the writing on the blackboard. It does get boring after a while.
29:47 “Is that your fish?” “No, it belongs to a friend.” “Very pretty.”
31:13 Love a good obstacle course.
37:58 How can it possibly have been designed for people to stand looking in at a bathroom window like that? Crazy.
42:03 I like that Jones can make his own entertainment wherever he goes.
45:18 “You know, flowers and shit.”
58:02 Him trying to talk is funny but I like the dawning realisation from Mahoney.
1:07:53 Police academy student gets into a police car chase. Headlines!
1:11:56 Like Copeland’s anguished squeaks.
1:22:10 Great metaphor for life that - don’t assume the fence will be there to protect you forever.
1:29:55 Hooks is my favourite.


I have seen bits and pieces of this movie before but never the full thing, and I was kinda convinced that it was a really rubbish film. However, Mr C said I was basing that opinion on the reaction to all the many, many sequels and that the first one was actually very good.

He was right that it was a better film than I thought, it wasn’t worth the original scoff I made when we saw it pop up on screen. I’m not sure it actually is a good movie, but it does have some fun characters in and a couple of laugh out loud moments. I’m just not sure it’s aged particularly well.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 / 5

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