Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Published January 30, 2013

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Film info

  • Title Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  • Director Rob Marshall
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 2hrs 16m
  • Genres Action, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Tagline Live forever or die trying

A tale of truth, betrayal, youth, demise — and mermaids! When Jack crosses paths with a woman from his past, he's not sure if it's love, or if she's a ruthless con artist using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. Forced aboard the ship of the most feared pirate ever, Jack doesn't know who to fear more —Blackbeard or the woman from his past.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:52 Ooh, spooky start.
4:02 “It’s not a hanging, dear, it’s a trial. The hanging comes this afternoon.” British justice for you!
6:55 I was wondering why we hadn’t seen London before, but of course, it is not near the sea.
13:22 I thought there was no one in this from the other films save Jack. Seems like they just got rid of Keira and Orlando.
17:31 Can you have a car chase that is really a horse and carriage chase?
25:15 “There be a lot hear-telling going on.”
31:56 Jack Sparrow doing hard graft, I never thought I’d see the day.
40:14 Who are they fighting if they all want to take the ship? Oh, the zombies, I see.
47:49 So, that’s a wooden ship with a flamethrower on the front. Righto.
52:32 Who knew pirates were scared of mermaids?
57:17 “You lied to me by telling me the truth?”
1:02:11 That’s an American mermaid, that is.
1:06:06 Oh, the mermaids are also part-Spiderman.
1:13:08 No snake warning again, I see.
1:23:50 Lovely island, boat in the middle of nowhere, this is nothing like LOST.
1:30:07 I wasn’t expecting that!
1:32:53 “I don’t like toads.”
1:36:23 Now what would I store in my leg?
1:51:04 I think a lot of wars could be avoided if they just did “him fighting him.”
1:56:31 He’s just killed Lovejoy!
2:05:35 Now we have the bad guy in charge of the bad ship. Good times!


Whilst we were on a Pirates roll, we figured it would be worthwhile watching the fourth one. I can’t quite remember what our logic was… that we wanted to wipe our minds of the third edition, and perhaps that it would be better with some new characters.

It was definitely better than the third, it really seemed to go back to the roots of the first one. There were some chases on and off land, various parties on a quest for something and the big showdown at the end. The mermaid thing was interesting, although it got a bit fanciful in places (can I really criticise THIS franchise for being fanciful? I don’t know). Better, mostly quite unnecessary  but it’s always fun to see a bit more Keith Richards.

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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