Night School

Published November 21, 2020

Night School

Film info

  • Title Night School
  • Director Malcolm D. Lee
  • Year 2018
  • Run time 1hr 51m
  • Genre Comedy
  • Tagline Night School is in session!

When accidentally destroying his workplace gets successful salesman Teddy fired, he can't find another decent job unless he finally gets his GED. But two major things stand in his way: Carrie, a teacher with no time for grown-up class clowns, and Stewart, Teddy's high school nemesis-turned-principal who will do anything to see him fail. Now every school rule is about to be broken when they all go head-to-head in a wild battle of wits, pranks, and lessons you can't learn in books.

Live blog

Time Comment
3:55 “I’m not gonna be nobody’s sheep.”
7:27 That’s a lot of writers, wonder if that’s a good or a bad sign.
13:14 He’s a really scary waiter, even though he’s right in this instance.
17:25 You can’t drive holding your rear view mirror up.
18:46 If it wasn’t already clear from the cover, we can all tell she’s going to be at the school.
23:43 “I don’t care if he’s as dumb as a minion, he is welcome to take my class if he wants.”
36:26 There is so much to unpack in this introductions scene.
46:22 I’m so jealous of Tiffany’s hair.
48:32 Learning montage!
55:58 “Principals have principles.”
1:00:50 I’m going to start using hypotenuse it in sentences.
1:10:26 “You blessed heifer.”
1:16:59 “Water is comprised of?” “Rain.”
1:28:58 Not sure if this is the desired effect but I am 100% on Lisa’s side.
1:32:44 Cocoa butter + fried chicken.
1:37:58 “This is a minor setback for a major comeback.”
1:42:05 Teachers should be paid so much more. What an influential vocation.


On the face of it, this is just one of those pretty rubbish but kinda fun comedies, with Kevin Hart running around getting into scrapes and Tiffany Haddish being queen of sass (and I really liked her in this - rundown and sarcastic but with a good, good heart).

So you can’t get too involved in the plotting, etc, but even so, it does have some real problems. Like the fact that their whole relationship is built on a lie, that she’s never shown the slightest inkling to judge him for his job or his status and he’s still being a complete dick about the whole thing.

He learns and he grows, but she really shouldn’t take him back at the end.

Rating: 2 / 5

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