Meet Joe Black

Published June 2, 2014

Meet Joe Black

Film info

  • Title Meet Joe Black
  • Director Martin Brest
  • Year 1998
  • Run time 2hrs 58m
  • Genres Romance, Drama, Fantasy
  • Tagline Sooner or later everyone does

Bill Parrish has it all - success, wealth and power. Days before his 65th birthday, he receives a visit from a mysterious stranger, Joe Black, who soon reveals himself as Death. In exchange for extra time, Bill agrees to serve as Joe's earthly guide. But will he regret his choice when Joe unexpectedly falls in love with Bill's beautiful daughter Susan?

Live blog

Time Comment
2:29 Dude is trying to sleep in what appears to be the middle of the day, no wonder he can’t get any rest.
5:21 “Isn’t it enough to be on the earth 65 years without being reminded of it?”
10:21 Far too fascinated by the woman with the jumper tied around her waist. People don’t really do that any more, do they?
15:52 Anthony Hopkins is just so good, it’s incredible. I think I haven’t watched enough of him.
20:39 That’s love at first sight, right there.
26:20 Libraries are so beautiful. I may be a Kindle freak but can still appreciate the good ol’ wooden library.
33:40 It’s like the epitome of blackmail.
41:13 Brad Pitt being out of place is brilliant. No shame.
47:01 Regular Joe must be confusing for people called Joe!
49:25 “I’m sometimes… not quite at home… with people.”
56:27 Eek, it’s so awkward, but I’m Joe’s couldn’t-care-less attitude is brilliant.
59:41 “Death and taxes?”
1:06:57 How did they convince Brad to do the accent? Amazing.
1:13:13 Everyone needs a Quince in their lives.
1:24:08 I like the idea of raising little caution flags in conversation.
1:42:48 Eeshk, the loyal ones break my heart.
1:52:13 “More than you love peanut butter?”
2:02:34 The music reminds me very much of Forrest Gump.
2:08:11 “Because she knows the worst thing about me and that’s okay.”
2:16:13 Meh, the family stuff gets to me more than their relationship.
2:32:04 Woop, Joe comes to the rescue.
2:34:56 “You get not to go to jail.”
2:46:50 No fireworks for any of my birthdays, I want it noted.


Mr C loves this film, and I remember watching it and quite enjoying it a long while back. In fact, I could remember three distinct scenes (one of which never actually occurred) but I didn’t really know what held them all together.

Although it’s a lengthy film, Meet Joe Black didn’t really feel all that long. I did start to lose the plot a bit towards the end, though. I found the emotional stuff to be with the family side rather than the potential relationship between Joe and Susan. I did shed a few tears though, so it must have worked its magic.

Long, but rewarding, although I do think I need to watch the last half hour again, just to make sure I properly get it.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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