Lucky Partners

Published September 4, 2011

Lucky Partners

Film info

  • Title Lucky Partners
  • Director Lewis Milestone
  • Year 1940
  • Run time 1hr 39m
  • Genres Romance, Drama, Comedy
  • Tagline Two strangers, one prize

Ginger Rogers and Ronald Colman are the effervescent partnership, strangers who share the cost of a sweepstakes ticket. The catch: she'll go on a platonic honeymoon with him if they win. The result: their ticket pays off. So away the two go, with her suspicious fuddy-duddy fiancé, myriad complications and, of course, Cupid trailing. Uncork the fun!

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0:43 It’s all very well having fancy cursive writing for your intro credits, but I can only just read it.
1:44 She has nice shoes. Court shoes never go out of fashion.
2:09 See, it is weird when people talk to you on the street when you don’t expect them too. Good luck is a weird one, though. Most people would go for hello.
5:29 The aunt is like Bernard from Black Books. Too interested in reading to sell.
7:25 “He merely wished me good luck.” Is that what they’re calling it these days?
9:41 There’s a panda on the wall. I would have a panda as a mural if I was allowed.
12:44 She is sharing an awful lot of information with this perfect stranger. Although he does seem nice.
15:01 “Honeymoons are one of the things in life I believe in.”
18:37 He called him chum. There’s not enough chum in conversation anymore.
21:44 How do 1940s people get their hair like that?
27:33 “We’ve got a pretty ticklish problem on our hands.” I love it!
30:42 Imagine trying to convince someone that you are, in fact, the dullest person they ever met.
35:55 I really love that he doesn’t care what people think. “People,” he says, distastefully.
41:08 For a minute then, I thought they were going to play the old just one double room left trick. Phew.
46:02 You can rent paintings?
51:35 Did she leave straight away without telling anyone then? That is kinda weird.
57:32 He does have a very relaxing voice.
1:01:34 It’s all taken a bit of a turn for the weird. Some kind of fairy tale bridge?
1:15:17 He wasn’t renting the painting then, he painted it.
1:17:51 He painted it and he DID rent it!
1:26:20 Awww. I like him. I really liked the exchange of looks between him and Freddie when she admitted they kissed.
1:26:51 Made love to her means something a bit different nowadays.
1:30:54 I don’t suppose many court cases end in raucous laughter any more.


Suddenly, there seem to be loads of films appearing on the iPlayer, and whilst there is no way I’m going to be able to watch all of them, I do like the idea of catching up with some of the older ones | ones I would never normally seek out.

The start of the movie was weird, and the end got even weirder, but I really liked the action in the middle. The concept was an intriguing one, although there had to be some kind of suspension of belief to think they would really go that far with it. I love hearing the dialogue of these older films. I really do think there is not enough “chum” in the world anymore. Overall I quite liked it, although it did get slightly odd at points.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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