Published October 29, 2020


Film info

  • Title Lovewrecked
  • Director Randal Kleiser
  • Year 2005
  • Run time 1hr 27m
  • Genres Family, Romance
  • Tagline She's shipwrecked on an island with the guy of her dreams, the last thing she wants is to be rescued

Jenny Taylor has found her ideal man who she just knows would sweep her off her feet. The only problem? He's Jason Masters, the world's biggest rock star. Hoping for a chance to get close to her idol, Jenny takes a job in his favourite Caribbean resort with her best friend Ryan. When Jason is washed overboard in a storm, Jenny jumps in to save him and the pair find themselves stranded on a seemingly-deserted tropical island. Jenny discovers that they have landed mere miles away from the resort, but instead of telling Jason the truth she lets him believe they are stranded so she can make him fall in love with her. As Jenny's plans fall apart, she begins to realise her personal paradise may have been closer to home all the time...

Live blog

Time Comment
1:05 Carlton is in this?
2:47 Amanda Bynes is so funny.
3:35 Crowd-surfing race!
9:28 Their employee handbooks are actual paperback bound books. That’s hardcore.
13:58 How does she run in flippers?
18:44 His swimming pool has a window in it!
21:13 Aww, she’s his lifeguard.
22:16 The scene transitions in this are diabolical.
27:13 “We’re marooned.” “What, like the colour?”
36:22 You can’t just get seasonal workers training animals, they need stability, surely.
38:24 “What do you think about?” “Stuff. Things. Other stuff. You know, the whole deal.”
45:28 He’s an actual idiot.
47:08 She’s crushing up drugs into his food now, this is next level.
49:08 Odd choice to go for French… she’s got to keep that up now!
54:44 Ants in the hair is deeply unpleasant.
59:31 No, she’s the man.
1:06:37 The bobble-head clock is incredible.
1:16:17 “Assert yourself.”


I make no apologies for choosing to watch this clearly bad film, even the trailer made it look like a trashy piece of teen entertainment. That’s exactly what it was but here’s the thing: Amanda Bynes is really good and I love watching her running around getting into scrapes!

On top of the ridiculous concept, this is not a very well-made film. The sound levels are atrocious, the ADR very badly done, and oh my word, I haven’t seen screen wipes that awful since Star Wars. One of them was bubbles!

A really, terrible film, but I quite enjoyed watching it.

Rating: 2 / 5

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