Love Wedding Repeat

Published May 9, 2020

Love Wedding Repeat

Film info

  • Title Love Wedding Repeat
  • Director Dean Craig
  • Year 2020
  • Run time 1hr 40m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline One wedding. One simple plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Different versions of the same day unfold as Jack juggles difficult guests, unbridled chaos and potential romance at his sister's wedding.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:41 “Turns out you’re not as irritating as I thought you’d be.” Interesting line.
5:46 Enjoying the Italian Tom Jones.
8:59 Man of Honour.
10:55 “It turns out penne is just the Italian for penne.” Aisling Bea swinging in and stealing it with her first line.
15:30 Brian was late and his hair looks exactly the same. Amazing.
21:25 “Nothing could spoil this day.” Jinxed it.
28:39 Having to basically do a wedding twice because it’s dual-language.
30:47 What the bloody hell does she see in him?
34:11 Tim Key is hilarious.
39:54 “Can see that you’re buzzing.” Can’t keep his eyes open.
59:40 What a wedding day. Bloody hell.
1:03:37 This can’t be the version that goes right.
1:12:14 “Why does everyone keep hitting me?”
1:16:17 Heart Aisling so much.
1:22:16 Hehehe, I hope the coffee spitting scene didn’t have too many takes.
1:27:50 It’s cute but he’s fixed everyone but himself.
1:30:05 “You weren’t imagining it. Guess we just missed our moment.”
1:35:51 It would have worked if it wasn’t for those pesky kids.


This movie could have been brilliant but in the end it was just okay. The premise is great, an interesting concept, but it’s a shame that you only really get to delve into two of the potential possibilities when there are at least eight good stories there to tell.

The more I think about it, as well, the more I’m disappointed how the women come across in the movie. Olivia Munn was very underused and basically quiet and grumpy for most of it. Aisling Bea is her usual excellent self, but as a character is supposed to be clingy and annoying, despite being lovely. Frieda Pinto’s character didn’t work at all, and the bride was the cause of all the problems in the first place.

It was laugh out loud in places, but as a whole, it fell a little short.

Rating: 3 / 5

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