Published February 13, 2010


Film info

  • Title Knowing
  • Director Alex Proyas
  • Year 2009
  • Run time 2hrs 1m
  • Genres Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller
  • Tagline What happens when the numbers run out?

Action thriller starring Nicolas Cage as John Koestler, a teacher who opens a time capsule that has been unearthed in the grounds of his son's school. The capsule contains some chilling predictions, some of which have already occurred, and other still worse prophecies that have yet to happen. With the reluctant help of Diana and Abby Whelan, the daughter and granddaughter of the now-deceased writer of the predictions, Koestler sets out on a race against time to solve the riddles and do what he can to avert destruction on a global scale.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:27 That child looks like a zombie.
3:09 I wonder what I would put in a time capsule.
4:26 I have to say, if I saw a possessed child scribbling numbers furiously, I’d probably let her finish.
7:17 More credits? How odd.
9:49 I think I would like Nicholas Cage as a dad. He seems both smart and kinda laid back.
13:32 I would also like him as a teacher. Why do I like Mr Cage all of a sudden?
18:02 No way would I trust such history to screaming kids. It’d be ripped to shreds!
24:04 I like solving mysteries whilst being a bit under the influence. Opens the mind a little. Not that I do much problem solving.
29:40 I’m surprised none of the original kids wanted to come back and see their stuff dug up. They must be alive, right?
31:53 He hasn’t taught his kid not to talk to strangers? …oh, he did, it’s just that kids don’t listen.
36:49 He slept through the whole day? He’s like Mr C!
39:23 Argh! I can’t watch things falling out of the sky.
41:35 If 81 people still die, then does it not mean he can’t change anything despite knowing?
47:02 I wonder why the mysterious creatures are headed for the boy and the numbers seem headed for Mr Cage.
50:37 Does anyone actually read National Geographic?
54:25 The kid has no questions to ask about why they are actually stalking a woman?
59:34 You are supposed to stand behind the yellow line, not run along in front of it.
1:02:08 WOW!!
1:02:29 This reminds me of Final Destination because you know it’s going to go wrong and it’s just a matter of how.
1:10:10 That’s a very good angel for a nine year old or younger.
1:11:36 Is no one worried about the children?
1:20:52 I have heard solar flares being mentioned a lot recently but still not quite sure what it is or why it’s dangerous.
1:27:36 Why don’t people listen? “Stay here,” he said. So what did they do?
1:28:40 What are the chances the door has been replaced in 50 years? How often do people replace doors?
1:30:00 She totally kidnapped his child!
1:32:25 When I own some land, I am so totally building a bomb shelter.
1:33:53 Won’t somebody think of the children?
1:36:48 I think the Emergency Broadcast causes more trouble than it’s worth. Look at the people rioting!
1:38:56 At least she didn’t turn into a serious love interest. That’s something.
1:40:11 It’s lucky he has a 4x4. When the end of the world is nigh, those suburban housewives will be laughing.
1:46:00 It seems odd that he would be keen for his son to go off with non-speaking aliens.
1:51:43 WOW!!! Again.


Mr C and I fancied watching a film but weren’t sure which. He’s a bit of a Nicholas Cage fan, so we chose this despite not knowing anything about it. It was a bit on the long side, but we were determined to give it a go.

The story is complete nonsense. It starts out well, a mystery about numbers and a psychic child from 50 years ago. Then it all goes a bit… weird. The CGI totally makes up for it though. For about a week after watching this, I kept saying to Mr C “Did you see that subway scene?” Unreal, and totally worth the crazy alien thing.

Rating: 4 / 5

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