Published March 17, 2015


Film info

  • Title Interstellar
  • Director Christopher Nolan
  • Year 2014
  • Run time 2hrs 49m
  • Genres Science-Fiction, Drama, Adventure
  • Tagline Mankind was born on Earth, it was never meant to die here

With our time on Earth coming to an end, a team of explorers undertakes the most important mission in human history: travelling beyond the galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars.

Live blog

Time Comment
4:57 It’s the slow burn end of the world, rather than the apocalypse. Creepy.
8:19 I call shenanigans. You can’t control bugger all with a trackpad, let alone land a drone.
12:53 Apollo nonsense! Eeshk.
22:56 Predictable she’d smuggle away, but can’t fault her logic.
29:52 If anyone could have a plan to save the world, it’d be Michael Caine.
30:31 “That doesn’t even qualify as futile.”
42:35 How does no one notice that the organisation formerly known as NASA is still launching stuff into space?
53:40 Yea, I want one of those robots.
57:04 He took RainyMood with him into space!
1:03:19 “That’s relativity folks.”
1:11:43 You wouldn’t think 130% gravity was that bad but actually it’s probs horrific.
1:14:21 Time slippage.
1:21:16 I think it would be awesome to have your child grow up to be Casey Affleck. Nowt to be sad about.
1:24:53 “Are you calling my life’s work nonsense?”
1:37:27 Woah, bonus Bourne!
1:39:05 67 hour days, the luxury!
1:46:01 The science bit has properly boggled me.
1:53:42 Oh, Bourne went rogue. Great place for a fight though.
2:02:40 “What’s your trust setting?” “Lower than yours, apparently.”
2:17:15 The awesome robot did a Bruce.
2:35:18 The only thing to say is whaa?
2:44:08 Must be weird founding your own civilisation.


There was so much hype around Interstellar that it was impossible to ignore, but I was caught up in it anyway. Christopher Nolan at the helm of another epic premise, McConaughey on board and people heading off into space. Fab.

It wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped. It looked fantastic, as you might imagine, and you could see plenty of money was spent on getting the space images to look incredible. I’ve seen reports that the soundtrack moved people to tears in places, but I actually found it a bit intrusive, jarring away from the moment rather than adding to it.

What really irked me was that third quarter of the film, the bit where it goes weird. Just like Contact (also starring MM), it had such a great premise and a fab build up, only to lose the plot when the astronaut fell through time and space. In the end, it feels like this was an important one to watch, and one that probably will be talked about in years to come, but it didn’t quite stand up on its own. Also, it was loooong!

Rating: 3/5.

Rating: 3 / 5

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