I Believe in Santa

Published December 23, 2022

I Believe in Santa

Film info

  • Title I Believe in Santa
  • Director Alex Ranarivelo
  • Year 2022
  • Run time 1hr 30m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline Do you believe?

After five happy months dating Tom, Lisa is horrified to learn he's obsessed with her least favorite holiday. Is it time to five Christmas another chance?

Live blog

Time Comment
4:44 Incontrovertible is a huge word to use at a county fair.
5:55 “Stay together” and immediately she gets lost.
9:17 “Do you need legal advice?” “I don’t, but YOU might.”
13:48 Ah, Jul-Dec montage, thank goodness.
16:32 Apart from the talking/dancing Santa, it looks amazing.
25:59 Is there a difference between hot chocolate and cocoa?
29:56 “You guys ever been flocked?” Beg pardon?
36:59 I like the calendar as a means of going through the scenes.
40:49 Okay, his creep levels have gone through the roof. Are we supposed to be finding this cute?
53:35 “I don’t think you should put your lack of faith onto Ella.” DUDE.
57:56 It’s not outrageous for her to ask for a night off from something she doesn’t enjoy.
1:06:45 This is a bit Blue Peter - what can you make out of all this junk?
1:15:12 Seems totally safe to roll down a steep hill in a cardboard tub.
1:21:41 It’s all just so weird.


Terrible, terrible film! The guy is basically one step away from being a serial killer, and the woman is completely unflexible and holding a grudge for something that didn’t really sound like much of a problem at all. The film spends a good 15 minutes in the American sunshine, which is never ideal for when you want a Christmas movie, but it does eventually get near the festive season.

The guy’s main argument (and he’s a lawyer by the way), is that Santa must be real because there’s no way 2 billion people would lie about this, all telling the same lie at the same time. WTF WHAT? The two friends are the only sensible ones in this and they get enough screen time to make it bearable but oof, avoid this at all costs.

Rating: 1 / 5

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