Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Published August 25, 2013

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Film info

  • Title Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
  • Director Joe Johnston
  • Year 1989
  • Run time 1hr 33m
  • Genres Comedy, Family, Science-Fiction, Adventure
  • Tagline The most astonishing, innovative, backyard adventure of all time

Rick Moranis stars as a preoccupied inventor who just can't seem to get his electro-magnetic shrinking machine to work. Then, when he accidentally shrinks his kids down to one-quarter-inch tall and tosses them out in the trash, the real adventure begins! Now the kids face incredible dangers as they try to make their way home through the jungle of their own backyard! Hurricane sprinklers! Dive-bombing bees! A runaway lawn mower and much, much more!

Live Blog

Time Comment
0:40 Cartoon credits are always a bit misleading when you’re not watching a cartoon.
4:15 Love ye olde telephone wires that you get completely tangled up in.
6:44 Within a very short space of time, I said “That’s Buffy’s mum!” and “That’s Big’s best friend!”
10:57 That’s a cat clock in action, not just on Doc Brown’s wall. Love the 80s.
12:55 This kid has created a supremely early version of the lawnmowing Roomba.
18:24 I don’t smoke, so I wonder what other contraband I could put in my baseball cap.
20:00 “Aren’t you in the wrong yard?”
23:20 I just realised this is like the Borrowers.
27:04 That was a muted kind of rage.
29:06 It’d be quite amazing to experience life that small. Briefly. And without the terrifying bugs and stuff.
30:51 I think my sense of direction would fail me though. I’d be going round and round the garden in circles. Like a teddy bear.
35:09 No making fun of the people that can’t whistle!
39:59 “There was a bee on me,” is a great excuse for stuff.
47:46 So he’s found his calling in life, he can be a lifeguard.
52:54 That kid is like a baby Sheldon.
55:49 Bucking ant.
1:05:54 Never ever ask that question. “What do you take me for? A complete idiot?”
1:08:19 It’s a Lego!
1:13:24 Do they have scorpions in back yards in America? Terrifying!
1:23:36 Giant Cheerios!
1:27:25 Hehe, there’s some pretty poor green-screening going on there.
1:30:28 Woah, these end credits are the actual Simpsons theme tune.


Part of me is a bit embarrassed that we watched this, part of me isn’t. We selected it from Netflix, because it was a Friday night and it had been a REALLY long week. Our brains were fried, we needed something that required little thought, little effort, and would just entertain us for a couple of hours.

It was actually better than I remembered it being, funny in places if naturally a little childish. I thought the effects, animatronic more than anything, held up really well - we just both had issues with the idea of an ant taking on a scorpion. I love the concept of giant stuff, it’s a bit of a contrived premise, but it’s a fun result nevertheless. I hadn’t remembered quite how gross the film is, lots of goo and falling in puddles and stuff. But there’s a happy ending, with all family issues resolved, so that’s good.

**Rating: **2/5

Rating: 2 / 5

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