High School Musical

Published October 4, 2019

High School Musical

Film info

  • Title High School Musical
  • Director Kenny Ortega
  • Year 2006
  • Run time 1hrs 38m
  • Genres Music, Family, Comedy, Drama
  • Tagline Their school rocks like no other!

Troy (Zac Efron) is best known as the player who keeps the East High basketball team on the scoreboard. Of course, life isn't always about athletics, though, and as Troy slam-dunks on the boards, beautiful and brainy Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) is raising the reputation of East High as the key member of the school's successful academic team. Despite their outgoing natures, no-one would ever peg Troy and Gabriella as theatre types. When word gets out that this popular pair has secretly chosen to reach for the stars and try their luck on the stage, the students of East High are about to learn an important lesson in teamwork, while gearing up for a musical performance that will have their audience dancing in the aisles.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:22 There is no phrase as bad as “kids party”.
4:01 Pretty good to not even be five minutes in and having an epic duet between your two leads.
6:27 “Yea, sure, my shower head is very impressed with me.”
9:10 Had forgotten how like Grease this is.
14:01 Show music is important culture too, dude.
16:56 Are all American movie sports teams called Wildcats?
20:52 “What the hell are those two doing in a tree?”
24:36 If that’s their house, he don’t need no scholarship.
30:04 The auditions are fun. Like Pitch Perfect.
32:21 Yea, those aren’t tap shoes Sharpay.
38:39 Kutcher reference.
44:32 I don’t agree but good use of the word heinous.
54:21 Zefron clearly can play basketball but somehow looks like the least convincing basketball player I ever saw.
55:55 Who puts the picture IN the fridge? That’s not a female thing
1:01:32 SO MEAN.
1:08:02 “If singing’s what you want to do, we should be boosting you up, not tearing you down.”
1:11:53 Not at all creepy or stalkerish to say “turn around” and appear on the balcony like that. Reminded me of Scream!
1:17:17 No one wants to be the exclamation point.
1:25:56 Oop, Gabriella coming to a sad realisation.
1:27:22 Pianist in a bowler hat wins the whole film, really.


I’ve seen this one before, I think, although I couldn’t quite remember what went on in the middle. The opening and finale were vivid in my mind though - lots of fun.

It’s definitely just your traditional Disney TV movie, with the fade outs for the ads and everything, and to be honest, I’m not even sure it’s the best musical Disney thing I’ve seen - Camp Rock was probably more fun and inspiring. But still, this is the one that captured the world’s imagination, and it has Zac Efron in it to boot!

It’s not the best thing I’ve ever seen, and the songs weren’t so memorable that they’ll stick with me for longer than a day, but even so, it was fun enough to want to see the second one which is all that really matters.

Rating: 3 / 5

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