Hearts Beat Loud

Published December 7, 2018

Hearts Beat Loud

Film info

  • Title Hearts Beat Loud
  • Director Brett Haley
  • Year 2018
  • Run time 1hr 37m
  • Genres Drama, Family, Comedy, Music
  • Tagline Music runs in the family

When a father-daughter music act becomes an overnight success, the two embark on a journey of love, family and self-discovery through their music.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:22 Eeek, Amazon music.
4:55 Need a bag that you can just fit an impromptu record purchase into.
9:24 “By which I mean, I’m very proud of your work ethic.”
11:50 See that’s the bit I can’t do. Messing around is one thing. Repeating it when you find something? Impossible.
14:26 Too early in the film for a Backstreet Boys reference!
17:22 Envious of their studio and instruments and talent. But otherwise fine.
19:38 TED!
27:04 What the hell is a whoopie pie?
29:29 “We’re the real deal kiddo.” Cute!
29:58 Is step four of his action plan… profit?
35:53 How can she possibly tell if he’s cheerful or not?
38:16 Oh god, Mr C is going to want a sampler now.
45:27 “When life hands you conundrums, you turn them into art.”
56:32 Slice of realism from the teenager.
58:37 $62,000?? How is that possible?
1:09:56 It’s so quiet, the end of his store.
1:20:00 Loving the tunes but her mic technique sucks.
1:30:24 As usual, Ms Collette underused.


Really lovely film, this one. A beautiful little indie work featuring the wonderful Nick Offerman. I liked that his character had plenty of challenges to work through, and had his moments of sadness, but it wasn’t a morose film, there was a lot to like and be happy about.

Of course, the music was brilliant and the studio was envy-making. I even cared about the fate of the record shop, even though I don’t really care about vinyl.

There was nothing to dislike about this one, I just recommend it in every way.

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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