Published March 19, 2023


Film info

  • Title Hackers
  • Director Iain Softley
  • Year 1995
  • Run time 1hr 47m
  • Genres Thriller, Crime, Drama, Action
  • Tagline Their crime is curiosity

Cereal Killer, Phantom Phreak, Crash Override... if these handles appear on your computer screen, you're beyond saving - consider yourself hacked. In this cyberpunk thriller, a renegade group of elite teenage computer hackers rollerblade through New York City by day and ride the information highway by night. After hacking into a high-stakes industrial conspiracy, they become prime suspects and must recruit the best of the cybernet underground to help clear their names.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:07 Because when he turns 18, he’ll be cured of hacking.
5:31 BLT drive, mmmm.
10:01 If you can hack like that, you don’t need to go to college.
18:11 “No one’s ever beat her before. You just made an enemy for life.”
27:50 I can see they’re trying to jazz up the hacking but it’s just too jazzy.
34:50 Those are not the most commonly used passwords as I know them. Has that changed or is this just made up?
42:10 “We’re each our own country, with temporary allies and friends.”
51:26 Screens don’t give off that much light, I’m calling projector.
55:59 “I’m WHAT?”
56:11 I would like to know more about the scoring system.
1:11:37 Loving the Metropolis poster on the wall, need to do that movie.
1:15:28 “There is no right and wrong, there’s only fun and boring.” DUDE.
1:21:52 Why is everyone on roller skates? Is this Starlight Express?
1:29:23 “Go in for the kernel.” “Colonel who?”
1:35:26 THE MOM!


This, along with Duel, is one of the two movies that we had to analyse during media studies class at school. So I’ve seen it before, but honestly all I remember of it is when New York City turns into a circuit board, what does this symbolise, etc, etc.

There’s something to this movie, it’s great to see confident kids running around knowing so much about computers and nerds ruling the roost. But it just doesn’t quite work. In trying to make hacking and typing on a computer interesting visually, they’ve gone just a bit over the top so it was eye-rolling instead of eye-popping.

It’s watchable but it’s not something I’d go out of my way to recommend.

Rating: 2 / 5

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