Guys and Dolls

Published May 13, 2009

Guys and Dolls

Film info

  • Title Guys and Dolls
  • Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz
  • Year 1955
  • Run time 2hrs 30m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline It's a living breathing doll of a musical!

A singing Marlon Brando stars opposite Frank Sinatra in this classic musical. When Sky Masterson is challenged to take a missionary to Havana, he finds himself falling in love. But will she return his love when she realizes the trip was a ploy?

Live blog

Time Comment
0:18  Once again, I maintain that widescreen is weird.
1:03  It’s interesting that the titles don’t need to be fancy or intricate. It’s just red (ugh red) text on still images (aside from the flashing lights).
4:22  Is it bad that I’m watching this and thinking their “stage” makeup is not very good at all?
5:21  I’m slightly confused because they are hiding the gambling from the police but it’s all in the papers and stuff?
8:32  People don’t like to be preached to.
10:49  Fish, lettuce, what language is this?
13:42  I like this: “It does not seem possible…” and “He would not even…” It’s one step away from being Yoda.
18:35  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like cheesecake.
26:41  I might start saying “nicely, nicely”.
38:25  You wouldn’t get away with a ten minute conversation between two people these days.
46:39  This is different to the musical. I wonder why they changed it - it’s not like women dressing up as cats makes any more sense.
51:40  The idea of her writing a whole made up life to her mother makes me chuckle. Five made up children!
54:30  Do they teach you how to fake sneeze at acting school?
1:12:03  What is up with the blood test before marriage?
1:18:06  I would like someone to write a guidebook about me.
1:21:01  Is there only one song in the whole of Havana?
1:25:53  There really is only one song in the whole of Havana!
1:35:24  How long is the plane ride then? They had to leave at three to get out there. All that drinking, eating, dancing, fighting and singing, it can’t possible still be night time.
1:38:24  Uh oh. Not just mushy stuff. Mushy stuff with added song.
1:41:43  The policeman says: “It’s no use, they must have been tipped off.” Was it possible by the sirens blasting from at least a mile away?
1:44:07  I cannot believe they put in the nonsense about women dressed as cats, but cut out Sky’s “My Time of Day” song.
1:50:40  The interesting thing about this film is it differentiates gamblers from regular people, and in no way glamourises it as a way of life, but it’s not all dull and gambler’s anonymous and the end of life as we know it.
1:53:43  I wish the men I knew wore purple or orange socks. Actually, maybe not.
2:03:14  That’s the cleanest sewer I ever saw. Not that I’ve seen many.
2:14:28  This is my favourite bit of the whole thing… always right at the end, isn’t it?
2:15:25  There’s at least 22 people there. He practically doubled his promise.
2:24:54  As far as I know, you can’t close off roads in New York for a wedding procession. But then I didn’t know about the blood test thing either.
2:28:13  Would a bride, two brides in fact, really choose to ride away from their impromptu street ceremony in police cars? Hardly the bridal transportation of choice, is it?


I can’t actually remember if I’ve seen this film or not, although the chances seem quite high. I’ve been to see the musical a couple of times done by amateur groups and enjoyed it, and I know quite a lot of the words to the songs. This is another long one though. Two and a half hours.

I did enjoy it, even though I felt like it was going to be really dated from the start. Having some prior knowledge of the plot probably helped because some of the conversations get a bit jargon heavy. The songs tend to sort you out though. I do feel like the film is too long, but having said that, I’m not sure what they could cut out without losing something important (maybe just the bit with the cats).

Rating: 3 / 5

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