Friends with Benefits

Published February 11, 2012

Friends with Benefits

Film info

  • Title Friends with Benefits
  • Director Will Gluck
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 1hr 49m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline Friendship is a four letter word

Dylan is done with relationships. Jamie decides to stop buying into the Hollywood clichés of true love. When the two become friends they decide to try something new and take advantage of their mutual attraction – but without any emotional attachment. Physical pleasure without the entanglements. Sounds easy enough for two logical adults, right? Not so much. They soon realize romantic comedy stereotypes might exist for a reason.

Live Blog

Time Comment
0:30 That screen moved before he swiped it. Oops.
3:27 Something tells me that Emma Stone will be the best bit about this movie. I love her.
4:53 Although shouting at Katherine Heigl is also good.
9:25 That’s a heck of a lot of waiting.
10:18 “It’s New York. I’ve seen Seinfeld.”
15:00 How can the best part be no cell reception? That’s no good.
19:09 He seems like a fun boss, at least.
21:43 My god, she’s exhausting.
23:07 I just don’t think I could eat sweetcorn on the cob with a practical stranger. It’s so complicated.
29:28 Is she aware the iPad has a lock switch? Unless she has it set to mute.
31:58 I’m not getting the music jokes. Unfair.
35:41 How did they get from a portrait to kissing? I don’t get it.
40:24 “Woo, it’s like the 70s in here.”
43:48 I like that he is obsessed with fonts, but who uses Times New Roman?
48:31 Oh, if only someone would follow you around and provide a soundtrack.
59:31 Now they’re going to start falling in love.
1:06:10 That hand in water thing doesn’t actually work, does it? I don’t particularly want to try it.
1:07:19 “Knowing you doesn’t suck either.”
1:09:51 Imagine living right on the beach.
1:14:32 That’s a film acknowledging Hollywood? My mind is blown.
1:17:14 Helicopters don’t make sense to me either.
1:23:06 Oh, you know it’s bad when she takes off his personalised ringtone.
1:26:04 With friends like you, who needs friends? That doesn’t work.
1:30:48 I’m thinking I might have to refer to 5pm as 32 from now on.
1:31:59 “You’ve got to update your fairytale, baby.”
1:37:09 That snow guy is trying so hard not to laugh while he threatens JT, it’s hilarious.
1:39:38 It’s not Third Eye Blind. Who knew?
1:43:55 I love the touchscreen credits! Best bit of the film!


We all know how I feel about romantic comedies as a general rule, but I’m always open to being surprised by the odd one or two. I’m keen to watch Justin Timberlake because sometimes he can be very, very good. Sometimes he isn’t, so it’s a hit or miss kinda thing. The same with rom-coms too!

Tricky one, this. I like that it poked fun at romantic comedies in general, and I like quite a lot of the dialogue. Some of the surprises were good, the Hollywood sign was ace, and the music conversations were good - or they would have been if I’d have known any of the songs. Trouble is, whilst ripping rom-coms, the movie took the exact same form to an irritating degree and without a hint of irony. There were some weird leaps in their relationships that didn’t seem all too explainable, but I did think they made a great couple, so that’s half the battle I suppose.

Not a waste of time, but you’re not missing anything either.

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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