Published May 28, 2013


Film info

  • Title Flight
  • Director Robert Zemeckis
  • Year 2012
  • Run time 2hrs 18m
  • Genre Drama
  • Tagline The most provocative film of the year

Airline pilot Whip Whitaker miraculously lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophe. But even as he's being hailed for his heroic efforts, questions arise as to who or what was really at fault.

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2:40 Two minutes in, heaps of nudity and swearing already. This may not be the film I thought!
5:57 Oxygen hit!
9:41 Those windscreen wipers are going massively fast. I’m not sure I knew planes had wipers.
13:18 I don’t trust that to be the end of the flight story, else that’s a really short film.
17:59 Curious how these two stories are interconnected.
19:27 Does that fuel fall down to the ground? People below thinking there’s an odd kind of rain?
22:58 “We’re alright, we’re flying.” In a manner of speaking.
25:22 And they’re down.
28:24 Bureaucracy stops him telling him crew member names. He’s the pilot!
34:04 The plane was dope? Dope as in bad, presumably, not dope in’s vocabulary.
38:35 The last thing you need when recovering from a weather-related plane crash is a thunderstorm!
39:54 Ahh, there the stories collide.
45:45 You meet a stranger in a hospital stairwell, do you give him your address?
47:59 127 voicemails!!
50:31 My god, all those hiding places for alcohol.
55:04 Toxicology tests not good for a drinker.
57:16 That didn’t last long.
57:41 It’s all the bartenders fault for saying “Just an orange juice?” in such an incredulous way.
1:03:19 That’s an awful tattoo of a spider on her arm. What if she liked someone who was scared of them?
1:07:11 Everybody likes baseball.
1:12:59 He came out of the house and knocked on the door to the outside. Weird.
1:22:21 No sad realisation just yet then.
1:29:25 A farm in the middle of nowhere is a great place for an argument, no one can hear the shouting and it echoes around.
1:40:12 Those paparazzi will find you wherever you go.
1:44:42 Spongebob!
1:50:22 Forty-five minutes to sober him up.
1:54:26 John Goodman not really in this one enough to steal it. Fun though.
1:55:11 ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’ - lift music is always so pertinent, it’s incredible.
2:03:46 If these questions are admissible in court, they are pretty poorly-worded.


Despite my ever-present fear of planes falling out of the sky, I desperately wanted to see this film, amid a growing respect for the work of one D. Washington. It looked interesting, the trailer sold it well, so we rented it as soon as it was available on iTunes.

It really wasn’t the film I thought it would be, far more “gritty” for want of a better word. Yes there was the nudity and the swearing, but for a change it didn’t feel gratuitous. It was a bit depressing in places, but laid open the hideous Catch 22 of being the only pilot who can save lives, despite being open to criminal action for doing so.

Overall a good film, but more about a battle with addiction than anything to do with the flight itself, I thought perhaps the trailer was a bit misleading, but I still enjoyed it regardless.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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