Dangerous Minds

Published April 13, 2019

Dangerous Minds

Film info

  • Title Dangerous Minds
  • Director John N. Smith
  • Year 1995
  • Run time 1hr 39m
  • Genres Crime, Drama
  • Tagline She broke the rules... and changed their lives

Michelle Pfeiffer is former U.S. Marine LouAnne Johnson, a first-time high school teacher assigned to a class of tough but smart inner city students. When conventional methods fail to reach them, the feisty Ms. Johnson tries the unconventional — defying the rules and creating her own curriculum! In the process, she instills a new self-confidence in her students — motivating them toward their greatest potential.

Live blog

Time Comment
0:11 Ten seconds in and it’s the best film ever. CHOOOOON.
4:41 She really doesn’t look like a marine.
5:44 “Passionate, energetic, challenging.” The best descriptors for a teacher.
13:47 Not really sure what putting a name on the board would do for any type of student.
16:13 Confident that having seen Karate Kid does not count as knowing Karate.
23:11 That book is very pink.
29:49 “Get Emilio.” But he’s such a grumpus.
35:29 “LouAnne, it’s over six months.” I don’t feel like that’s a long time to get over a divorce.
42:29 “So now you’re going to try psychologise me?”
49:41 Lots of quotes in this film. Incredz. “There are no victims in this class!”
52:14 I’m sorry, how is a rollercoaster a reward??”
59:42 Many, many bad feelings about this restaurant business.
1;04:37 Loving the trust she’s putting in these kids but it does feel like she’s crossing some lines.
1:08:00 “Each new fact gives you another choice.”
1:12:31 I just, the idea of a teacher in my house…
1:23:40 “What do you want me to say? If you don’t want to die, remember to knock.”
1:32:07 I love the concept of them turning against you with the content you taught them.
1:34:07 “They gave me candy and called me the light.”


Interesting one, this. It’s a good film, interesting plot and all squeezed in to a relatively short running time. I do feel a bit uncomfortable that it has the “white saviour” issue, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, in that respect. For the most part, the kids just needed a bit of a push and they did the rest themselves. That headmaster though, rage!

Also, rarely do you get a film where the main song is played midway through rather than at the end, and here they used it at least five times. It’s such a tune, I don’t blame them!

Rating: 4 / 5

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