Dancing Through Christmas

Published December 23, 2022

Dancing Through Christmas

Film info

  • Title Dancing Through Christmas
  • Director Paul Shapiro
  • Year 2021
  • Run time 1hr 25m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy, Family
  • Tagline Dancing through the snow

When widower Michael meets Olivia, his daughter’s dance teacher, a flame is sparked in the firefighter’s heart. However, young Lily’s jealousy and Olivia’s clouded outlook seem to extinguish any hope of romance.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:52 That does sound like a lot of sugar for a budding ballerina.
4:25 You’re always going to feel more in the party mood after reconciling the financial accounts.
11:40 I’d be like that too. NO FILMING.
17:40 Surely a lawyer is a super respectable job too?
21:35 Is that true about Christmas tree needles?
22:52 She almost left without paying for that tree.
32:47 Is she going to end up giving him lessons too? That will be weird.
37:00 That does look like a freezing cold date. Bad choice.
47:27 Awkward for poor Lily.
52:25 How can she have looked at all the options? There must be something.
59:30 That is a big bauble.
1:05:10 The Uncle is right. Teenagers don’t want their parents.
1:07:50 I’m still useless at painting my nails so I guess I’m not old enough yet.
1:14:25 Don’t mean to judge the moody film lighting, but she’s packing up moving boxes in the dark.
1:19:32 Is that the chat up line? ‘Ever ride in the back of a fire engine?’ What if they say yes!


Ah, this was a pretty dull movie, to be honest. It started okay, looked like it might have something interesting about it, but then it felt like all the threads that were set up didn’t go anywhere. What was the point of the viral video? And what was the big deal about the dad knowing before the girl about the casting? For a movie about dance, there wasn’t a lot about dancing. All a bit odd. The only chemistry in the movie was between father and daughter - because they are real life father and daughter! The rest is completely forgettable.

Rating: 1 / 5

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