Crazy People

Published September 8, 2018

Crazy People

Film info

  • Title Crazy People
  • Directors Tony Bill, Barry L. Young
  • Year 1990
  • Run time 1hr 30m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline Warning - crazy people are coming

He's Dudley Moore (10, Arthur). She's Daryl Hannah (Splash, Roxanne, Steel Magnolias). Separately, they're two of Hollywood's most popular stars. Together, they're Crazy People. When a stressed-out ad exec (Moore) proposes a 'truth in advertising' scheme, he is promptly shipped off to a mental institution. There he teams up with a kooky blonde (Hannah) and a slew of nutty patients. What happens next is absolutely crazy because the public goes absolutely nuts for the new way of advertising. You'll chortle over the advertising slogans you've always wished Madison Avenue would use!

Live blog

Time Comment
1:40 It’s scary how many places you find advertising if you really look.
2:42 Oh that’s what Dudley Moore’s hair looks like.
6:20 I like to take the stairs but even I might draw the line at 127 flights.
8:15 “Boxy but good.”
9:20 I like this honest advertising thing.
12:11 The plane one is brilliant! “Most of our passengers get there alive.”
13:03 You’ve got to be good at your job to get the company to pay for it.
16:42 Can’t see Daryl Hannah as anything other than a mermaid.
20:55 “I’m quite visibly moved.”
30:06 Shock and awe that honesty actually makes a difference.
32:24 “This honesty, it’s a terrific concept. We don’t know much about it.”
38:55 No one has ever complimented my knuckles before.
42:36 The cigarette thing is basically how they sell them these days anyway.
50:33 You’re doing a good job when everyone’s excited to watch the ads Super Bowl-esque.
58:20 “I’m sure I can have something pretty honest for you on Tuesday.”
1:02:00 Kathy’s car is the best one.
1:09:55 The wood-panelled office is usually the sign of a bad guy.
1:11:37 “Certainty is bullshit. Everybody’s just hoping.”
1:18:22 Sony!
1:24:12 A helicopter rescue is not what I was expecting from this film.


What a weird movie. I mean, what kind of meetings were they in to come up with this very random scenario - let’s make fun of advertising but also feature a mental institution but also maybe a bit of a rom-com and some rogue doctors and a helicopter scene at the end.


It was enjoyable though. The advertising stuff was the most interesting part of it, so refreshing and funny to see the honest side of advertising shine through. And the characters were lovely, they made an interesting rag-tag bunch. I’m glad to have seen Dudley Moore in something as he was just a Friends reference to me before, but now I totally get why Monica was upset with the haircut.

It felt like there were a lot of plot points that didn’t quite go anywhere - the reasons he was in the institution in the first place, the big question of how to know who to believe, and whether the big bad doctor got his comeuppance or not. And what happened to all the people they left behind?

Rating: 3/5.

Rating: 3 / 5

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