Come As You Are

Published August 1, 2020

Come As You Are

Film info

  • Title Come As You Are
  • Director Richard Wong
  • Year 2019
  • Run time 1hr 44m
  • Genres Drama, Comedy
  • Tagline Everyone has needs

Inspired by a true story, three young men with disabilities flee their overbearing parents for a road trip to a brothel in Montreal catering to people with special needs, in order to lose their virginity and embrace their independence.

Live blog

Time Comment
4:24 Never mess with the person who does the schedule.
10:13 “Nothing to be afraid of, it’s usually a pretty good story.”
15:36 The thing about a family meal is, it’s so quiet. Bit of background music wouldn’t hurt.
18:37 “Yea, he’s down. He’s probably, most likely down.”
23:13 Operation Copulation.
27:56 No idea how he managed to pick that up on the wheels without running it over and crushing the phone!
31:41 Ha, I like how she turned sweetheart back on him.
34:21 “I need you to stop… forever.”
41:43 The blind guy driving, I’m not so comfortable with!
46:46 I’m worried about Sam coming back and wondering where her van has gone.
54:06 “You are clearly as confused about the concept of nursing as you are about the concept of sex.”
54:43 Tattoos raise the skin?
1:03:01 I’ve watched so much ER recently, Chicago is like my second home.
1:09:13 “I do trust you. Mum, I want a hooker, is not the easiest conversation to have.”
1:14:23 It actually takes a lot to admit you’re an asshole.
1:25:36 2000 miles is unfathomable!
1:27:15 “We’ve known each other for four days and eight states…” Adorable.
1:36:47 Aww, he said he wanted to be at the beach.
1:41:13 Dropping the mic is not the same as throwing the mic, dude.


The trailer for this looked good but if I’m honest, I don’t know whether we’d have watched it if it hadn’t been for the ongoing efforts to watch all “cinema bypass” movies. That initiative has made us watch a variety of movies that we otherwise might not have, and so far, the hit rate has been really good! This one is another that didn’t falter.

I loved it. There’s heart to it but ultimately it’s just a buddy road trip comedy, with three boys escaping their parents to go in search of some long overdue gratification. They learn and grow and get what they wanted in more ways than expected, and it ends with a somehow desperately sad but ultimately uplifting resolution. Incredible.

Rating: 5 / 5

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