Central Intelligence

Published November 6, 2016

Central Intelligence

Film info

  • Title Central Intelligence
  • Director Rawson Marshall Thurber
  • Year 2016
  • Run time 1hr 47m
  • Genres Comedy, Action, Crime, Mystery
  • Tagline Saving the world takes a Little Hart and a Big Johnson

Kevin Hart stars as Calvin, a mild-mannered accountant whose high school glory days are long behind him. Calvin's mundane life takes an unexpectedly thrilling turn when he bumps into Bob, a formerly nerdy classmate who grew up to be a deadly CIA agent. Soon Bob pulls Calvin into the high-stakes world of international espionage, where they must work together in order to save the world from a dangerous enemy.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:46 Epic body confidence.
3:03 Love that Kevin Hart can play himself as a kid, with barely any adjustment, cos he’s so tiny.
6:24 Junk mail actually is quite clever! Terrible idea though.
8:37 “No, you love your job. I’m good at my job, it’s not the same thing.”
15:02 Six hours a day is mental!
16:51 Taylor Swift boyfriend reference, harsh but fair.
18:33 “What’s the rumpus?” Yay for rumpus!
22:05 Oh god, the thought of reunions makes me want to curl up and die.
30:05 The pyjama swap makes him look like the Hulk!
33:07 “This is Facebook’s fault.”
37:38 Love that he doesn’t actually have an in or out choice, at last some honesty!
43:55 “I need your super sweet accounting skills.” Yay for accounting!
46:43 Bonus Mr Paul! How can he only be in it for two seconds?
51:40 “Bob went rogue.” Rogue!
56:34 That is a lot of gaffa tape, woah.
1:02:27 Oof, once a fat kid always a fat kid rings true with so many people.
1:05:09 Ooh, where is THAT bunker?
1:10:45 Spy brain!
1:12:57 “Okay. I am made of questions right now.”
1:13:48 Snake Gyllenhaal.
1:20:24 Yay! Knew he was too famous for that.
1:31:22 So sounded like he said puddleworks. He didn’t but I love it anyway.
1:37:40 I properly squealed at Melissa!
1:41:16 Bloooopers.


Not exactly a classic film for my 700th movie review, but it was exactly what we needed after a stressful few days. You sort of know exactly what you’re going to get with Kevin Hart and The Rock in the same film, and I was only slightly surprised at the Rock’s character being a little goofy throughout, even when in full spy mode. Otherwise, it does exactly what you expect of it.

The pair are brilliant together, they riff off each other well and I find Kevin Hart so funny. It’s not a massive step away from his role in Ride Along, opposite Ice Cube - the unwitting sidekick, flapping his way through a mission to successfully foil a bunch of criminals. The plot isn’t exactly all out there, although it was meta enough to make the familiar worthwhile and the twists all the more surprising.

Good work, laugh out loud funny, lots of references some of which proved how much work we still have to do, and bonus Aaron Paul - yay!

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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