Cast Away

Published September 2, 2009

Cast Away

Film info

  • Title Cast Away
  • Director Robert Zemeckis
  • Year 2000
  • Run time 2hrs 17m
  • Genres Adventure, Drama
  • Tagline At the edge of the world, his journey begins

Tom Hanks gives one of the towering screen performances of all time as Chuck Noland, a Fed Ex systems engineer whose ruled-by-the-clock existence abruptly ends when a harrowing plane crash leaves him isolated on a remote island. As Chuck struggles to survive, he finds that his own personal journey has just begun...

Live blog

Time Comment
1:49  It bodes well when a film starts with a real life crossroads.
3:58  I have only just got the reference that the package is from his wife, and then at the end… Film Watch really does make me pay attention.
6:33  Why do FedEx have those triangular tubes? How many things can fit in there really?
9:00  I don’t leave answerphone messages, but if I do, I think I will always start them with: “Pick up, pick up, pick up, you’re not there.”
11:38  This is a kind of redemption movie, right? But he’s not evil at the start. Just obsessed with time.
21:47  How can he stand there and listen to the pilots concern and then not panic? He knows they’re in a storm, they’re off course, they’ve lost radio contact. My reaction would be: ARGH!
25:17  This ranks as the second scariest movie plane crash, I think.
27:36  To quote from another film: “Scariest environment imaginable.” Dark, stormy, wet, shipwrecked.
33:40  It is a beautiful island, though.
34:35  I like the fact that he just tripped slightly. I get the feeling that wasn’t directed, or part of the plan, but left in for realism.
38:56  I wouldn’t know a coconut in its outer shell.
53:44  I didn’t know it was possible to scream underwater. I guess if it hurts enough.
59:49  It’s a good job they make FedEx boxes with easy open tabs or he’d have never got into them.
1:03:49  Are you even allowed to FedEx ice skates? They seem kinda sharp.
1:09:15  I don’t really understand how he made fire.
1:21:38  Would the ice skate really still be sharp after four years?
1:29:20  Wilson ball sales must have shot up. I know I want one.
1:35:55  There is not a chance I would be dangling my feet in the water on a raft, especially with massive whales wandering about.
1:40:27  I wonder how he will feel looking back on losing Wilson. It makes perfect sense for it to be heartbreaking, but afterwards, will it still be emotional or… embarrassing?
1:43:37  I’m sad they miss out on his immediate recovery. I would like to see that.
1:59:16  Does he remember to drive just like that?


I’ve seen this film before, probably a couple of times, and I even saw it in the cinema when it was first out. It always fascinates me that the film is 90% Hanks but not boring.

As good as I remembered, and on every viewing, I don’t understand how this film is interesting. Nothing happens. He makes fire. He knocks out a tooth. He spears a fish and drinks some coconut milk. But it’s great!

Rating: 5 / 5

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