Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Published August 13, 2017

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Film info

  • Title Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
  • Director Beeban Kidron
  • Year 2004
  • Run time 1hr 48m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline Same Bridget, brand new diary

In this follow-up to the worldwide hit, we find Bridget where we left her—blissful and besotted in the arms of gorgeous lawyer Mark Darcy. Mark is accomplished, supportive and tolerant of (nearly) all of Bridget's tiny jealousies—why wouldn't every woman in London, including Mark's new long-legged, drop-dead, 'I-always-say-the-right-thing-at-all-times' intern, want to lure him away from the plumpish, opinionated, sometimes inappropriate Bridget? With the entry of the leggy threat, Bridget's pink clouds begin to turn gray as her attacks of self-doubt sorely test her relationship with Darcy. And just when it seems that the waters couldn't get any more choppy, Bridget's former boss, womanizing heartthrob Daniel Cleaver, sails into view. Ms. Jones careens from embarrassing situation to romantic misunderstanding, still managing to muddle through in this continuation of the trials and tribulations of the working woman who has become the symbolic heroine of 'singletons' everywhere. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason provides a hilarious and touching look at the answer to the question, 'What happens after the happy ending?'

Live blog

Time Comment
2:11 Colin Firth will always be the guy from Love Actually though. Even in a terrible jumper.
3:30 Massive camera on the side of her head. She needs a Go Pro!
6:48 “Stop staring at me while I’m asleep, go and find something to do.”
8:23 Speakerphone is the worst.
12:24 Climber’s legs.
19:24 Hugh Grant is the best.
24:37 “You seem to have made quite an impression.” Not a compliment.
26:58 He’s quite mean not to have told her what the evening will be like.
31:36 She’s totally insane. LET HIM IN.
35:54 That would be me trying to ski - barely able to get off the chair.
39:30 Frauboy.
41:26 What do they actually see in each other?
48:00 Even at night, I’m not sure you should walk down the middle of the road like that.
56:01 “It was a fizzy drink, it just fizzied over.”
1:07:55 That bathroom isn’t so private as you’d like, what with holes in the wall.
1:12:17 “Well, maybe not award-winning but I have been to lots of award ceremonies.”
1:14:07 Scary how quickly life can go from fighting off the affections of a man, to being stuck in a Thai prison.
1:22:42 “You haven’t got your wig on now, dear.”
1:34:30 Wonder how much that taxi fare was in the end.


I had a memory of watching the first half of this film and absolutely hating it, just as I didn’t really get on well with the book either. Why is this woman obsessed with not having been proposed to after only six or eight weeks? It makes no sense to me. And the fact that she gets herself into situations like the skiing thing really boggles my mind. Surely it’s more adorable to be a bit nervous than to be all brazen but rubbish?

Anyway, the film wasn’t as bad as I remembered, but it wasn’t that great either. It definitely felt like the joke was on Bridget rather than us being along for the ride WITH her. It also never quite makes sense what either of them see in her, but I did quite like their scenes | Mark’s chivalrous anger against Daniel’s cowardly swagger. The fight scene was fun, the rest of it was just okay.

Rating: 2/5.

Rating: 2 / 5

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