Air Force One

Published September 17, 2012

Air Force One

Film info

  • Title Air Force One
  • Director Wolfgang Petersen
  • Year 1997
  • Run time 2hrs 4m
  • Genres Thriller, Action
  • Tagline The fate of a nation rests on the courage of one man

President James Marshall is traveling with his family and entourage back from a conference on terrorism when terrorists take charge of air force one. At first the president eludes the skyjackers, but the group's violent leader holds the first lady and 12-year-old first daughter as hostages to leverage demands of freedom for one of his colleagues in a Russian prison. A former medal of honor winner, President Marshall fights back with his fists and wits aboard the cramped airliner, while the vice president struggles to negotiate from the White House with the terrorists and the Russian government.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:04 Ooh, dramatic opening music.
2:50 That was a fun game. “What are we looking at?” I said dolphins, Mr C was right with parachutes.
6:49 President Ford.
7:58 When politicians say “I won’t allow this in future” that is assuming they will be in power for the forseeable.
13:11 It must be good to have your whole office in the plane.
14:14 Even the President gets his sports results spoiled!
20:50 I love a good silencer… although I still think someone would have heard that.
23:24 How many people were on this plane, I can’t believe anyone is left alive!
24:39 I don’t understand why they send up fighter jets… what can they do?
28:40 That was about as unbelievable as it gets, but we’ll go with it. Plane is back in the air.
30:49 Unfortunately, I can’t see Glenn Close without thinking Cruella.
33:29 So… the President has gone rogue.
40:25 If the President single-handedly saves Air Force One, then he might get re-elected.
42:55 Ooh, she’s going to consult with President Petrov. Hopefully he’s not too busy driving in F1.
54:01 Why does the terrorist care what the little girl thinks?
57:48 I wouldn’t want to be the pilot firing at Air Force One.
1:05:56 They still don’t know it’s the rogue President!
1:06:53 He almost got the rage there, but the rage was curtailed!
1:16:06 The fate of everyone rests on a fax machine?? God help us all!
1:25:22 That was amazing!
1:29:49 It can’t be smart to smush someone up against the control panels, you never know what buttons might get pressed.
1:37:44 He just said “It’s almost over Mr President,” but already admitted he’s going to use them as much as he can afterwards.
1:41:37 They shot him in the back as they were letting him go - is that something to cheer about?
1:52:26 If they could get a guy on board, why didn’t they just bring a load of parachutes on board?
1:56:11 I’ve seen better CGI, to be honest.


I was not aware of this film at all, Mr C said he could just remember liking it but not anything specific about it. We hunted it down on Netflix because we couldn’t decide what else to watch of our iTunes options. I hate that feeling of not knowing what you’re in the mood for, but thankfully it only took a few seconds of this before it seemed like the right choice.

This was a great action/adventure romp through the skies - totally preposterous at every opportunity but fun nevertheless. I was surprised at the level of violence shown, really, but it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Considering it’s fifteen years old, it hasn’t aged too badly. We were watching in HD which always improves things, but the only thing that looked particularly bad was the phones. There were a few dodgy CGI scenes but I’ve seen worse, and they were made up for by the awesome bit with the refuelling tanker.

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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