2 Guns

Published December 14, 2013

2 Guns

Film info

  • Title 2 Guns
  • Director Baltasar Kormákur
  • Year 2013
  • Run time 1hr 49m
  • Genres Comedy, Crime, Action
  • Tagline 2 guns, 1 bank

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg lead an all-star cast in 2 Guns, an explosive action film that tracks two operatives from competing bureaus who are forced on the run together. But there is a big problem with their unexpected partnership: Neither knows that the other is an undercover federal agent.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:31 Denzel and Marky Mark. This can only be good.
6:31 Eww, so he really was sitting there. Of a fashion.
10:40 Marky Mark less attractive when he’s killing chickens.
16:57 “I really meant to love you.”
28:57 That’s got to be a low point, being shot and left out in the desert.
31:39 I can’t be sure but I think their names are Bobby Beans and Stig. That’s a kid’s TV show, right there.
34:23 Jeez, the Navy has gone rogue.
40:04 Russian Roulette is the worst.
40:37 Also, the poor innocent people are really not doing well so far.
42:39 “So shoot me… again.”
55:55 They’re awesome fighters, but not each other!
59:43 Loving the motion-sensor lights. Kinda takes the threatening edge off.
1:05:37 Aaand, we’re back with the chickens.
1:08:56 It’s fun that he keeps saying 43.125 million. So specific.
1:13:10 “You know, for a car thief, you sure are particular.”
1:24:12 Never thought I’d say this but locking himself in the fridge was genius.
1:28:10 I think there is a code.
1:32:42 I don’t get how this guy can be CIA. He’s so non-Hollywood CIA-ish.
1:35:07 Exploding money is much like the Crystal Dome.
1:40:15 It’s amazing how many diners are opposite banks, really.


Saw the trailer for this a while back, and knew it was going to be high up on our To Watch list. Marky Mark and Denzel in the same film at the same time, doing a mismatched duo thing? Sign me up and then some!

A really good adventure, and a fascinating partnership between the two main guys. It wasn’t a top five sort of film, but I still really enjoyed it. I guess there were a few too many factions, and we’ve established that I struggle when there are too many sides to a story! The beginning also confused me, with the slight jump back in time, for a minute I was worried it was going to go all Memento, but it didn’t. Overall, very enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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