Zero Night by Mark Felton

Published October 13, 2016

Zero Night by Mark Felton

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This is the tale of a little known escape attempt from a German Prisoner of War camp in the midst of the Second World War. A large scale attempt to get out was attempted after the prisoners realised their tunnelling exploits were not getting them anywhere.

The book has plenty of references and has been taken from conversations with relatives of those involved, but it’s written more as a story, with dialogue and action sequences. There’s the occasional moment where it gets descriptive rather than story-based, but for the most part the balance is good.

The only real downside is that it’s very similar to The Great Escape. I don’t know whether the events really did play out just like they did on film, but even the ball hitting the fence was written just like it was when Steve McQueen did it. I suppose if you’re writing the fictional version, you could make it slightly stand apart. Nevertheless, it’s a great story of incredibly brave men doing just as their duty demands of them.

Rating: Unrated

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