Without a Doubt by Marcia Clark

Published July 11, 2018

Without a Doubt by Marcia Clark

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I’ll own up and admit I only watched the OJ trial mini-series because it had David Schwimmer in it, but by the end of the series I was totally gripped and astounded at how events played out. I’ve previously read OJ’s slightly bizarre quasi-confessional book, and thought reading the other side of the story would be interesting too.

It absolutely was. Marcia writes clearly and concisely, opening up about the areas where she thought the prosecution was screwed over, but equally admitting where they made their own mistakes. I couldn’t believe how much pressure the whole team were under, and her descriptions of being constantly ill made me feel slightly under the weather just reading about them.

Ultimately, of course, we know how it ends, but I thought this was a fascinating insight, and another view of how the Trial of the Century went down.

Rating: Unrated

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