Winterland by Alan Glynn

Published October 16, 2013

Winterland by Alan Glynn

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Having really enjoyed the book behind the film Limitless, I was interested in what else Alan Glynn had written. This one takes the form of a sort of action/thriller, a crime novel that doesn’t really focus on investigating the crime itself, but unravelling an entire conspiracy surrounding a new building complex, politics, and all that jazz.

I really liked it, the cast of characters were believable and relatable, and even the horrible ones had their foibles that made them more human. What I enjoyed about the book most of all though was the setting. This was one of those books where there is too much detail about the city it is set in, turning through this street and that, detailing far too much about Dublin. But I love Dublin. So I loved that.

Overall, very good, very serviceable plot, and a neat but not saccharine ending.

Rating: Unrated

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