Who's Who in The Archers 2012 by Graham Harvey

Published May 23, 2012

Who's Who in The Archers 2012 by Graham Harvey

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I can only really hark back to my review of the 2011 edition, as it is the same - just with a few added characters and a few taken away.

For a new fan of the Archers, these books are invaluable. I read the 2009 version and was instantly caught up on the characters I was just getting to know. It’s a quick start guide for anyone who wants the important back story of each villager, but without it being too detailed. It also brings you up to speed on recent events, so that if you’re diving into the soap after some time off, you’ll be able to catch up what you’ve missed.

I did notice a few things in this one I hadn’t picked up on previously - for example, I didn’t know that Neil and Hayley kept chickens together. And then a few episodes after I read that, they mentioned their eggs in the show itself.

Rating: Unrated

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